Add missing information to your records to more accurately target and segment your consumers

Adding intelligence to customer and prospect records is the easiest way to more effectively and accurately target your consumers. Data appending and enhancement allows you to find new ways to communicate with your consumers (email, phones, online targeting, postal mail) and learn key behavioral and demographic attributes to segment and provide more relevant offers.

Infutor’s data appending and enhancement service accesses our master data repository containing billions of consumer attributes including name, phone number, email address, postal address, demographics, and lifestyle information.

By providing basic information such as name and phone number or email address, you can instantly gain a full 360˚ view of your consumers.

Data append services include:
Phone Append

Provide a name and address and receive one or multiple telephone numbers for individuals in your CRM. Phone attributes (wireless/landline), demographics and behavioral attributes are also available.

Reverse Phone Append

Based on a single input telephone number (wireless, landline, public, private, or VoIP), Infutor will provide you with name and address of the telephone owner, including optional phone and consumer attributes.

Email Append

Increase multi-channel engagement by matching your files to our opt-in email data. We permission pass all matched records and append addresses as well as provide information on those that have chosen to opt-out.


Reverse Email Append

Learn more about your digital consumers, including additional multi-channel contact information. Provide an email address and receive name, address, and additional demographic and behavioral attributes.


Demographic and Lifestyle Append

Learn key consumer behavioral and lifestyle information for better segmentation, targeted marketing offers, modeling, profiling and customer retention initiatives.

Property Attribute Append

Gain a full picture of property/ real estate data attributes along with property owner information for a 360 view of both the property and owner for marketing, risk mitigation and verification solutions


Vehicle Append

Reach known auto owners by identifying specific vehicle attributes. Provide name or address and receive vehicle make, model, year, and demographic information for targeted acquisition or trade-in campaigns

Reverse VIN Append

Identify the current owners of a specific vehicle for trade-in offers and targeted acquisition campaigns. Provide VIN numbers and receive auto owner name, postal address, vehicle attributes, and demographics.

Free Whitepaper Download: Data Appending 101 and 16 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider

Learn the basics and more advanced information about data appending. Download our newest whitepaper: Data Appending 101 and 16 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider to learn about:

• Forward vs. Reverse Data Appending
• Types of Data that can be Appended
• Real-time vs. Batch Data Delivery
• Manual vs. Automated Batch
• How Data is Matched
• The Technical Process for Appended Data
• Q&A: 16 Questions to Ask Your Provider Before Appending Data

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