Instantly gain a complete view of your consumers

The more information you know about your customers and prospects, the better position you will be in to provide the most relevant offers and content. Minimize time and resources while enhancing your own data with Infutor’s extensive data attributes to instantly gain a complete view of your consumers.

Infutor’s Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) Hosting Solution allows you to instantly interact with your own data and make real-time decisions, while minimizing the logistics and costs of data hosting and maintenance. Solutions can be customized to meet your specific enterprise goals and objectives, with fast and flexible program implementation.



Benefits of Infutor's Data-as-a-Service Solution


Cost savings

Leverage Infutor’s vast and scalable data storage capacity for immediate cost-savings. Streamline data management and security logistics to eliminate costly and time-consuming resources. Reduce IT resources and redirect focus on actionable data insights and analytics.


New data extraction and data analytics tools

Integrate your data with unique delivery platforms to provide new analytics and delivery services. With Infutor’s DaaS Hosting Solution, you will be able to co-mingle multiple data sources, and extract data in new real-time, batch, or query/analytics systems.


Improve implementation time

Expedite the process of launching new initiatives. Infutor’s dedicated technical expertise enables you to meet stringent deadlines, giving you a competitive advantage in new business acquisition.


Gain insight from siloed data

Consolidate all enterprise data assets to gain a comprehensive view of your business. Leverage Infutor’s extensive management of disparate data to bring together all of your internal and segregated databases, providing you with a single and accurate view of your consumers, sales, suppliers, and services.


Optimize data quality processes

Utilize Infutor’s advanced data hygiene processing for continuous improvements to data quality. Access CASS, NCOA, PCOA, advanced address correction, date of birth, deceased flagging, and Persistent ID (PID) assignment as part of your complete DaaS Managed Hosting solution.


Reduce privacy and security concerns

Capitalize on Infutor’s team of data privacy and security experts. Infutor facilities are fully secured and comply with SSAE16 certification requirements.



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