Improve fundraising ROI and donor retention initiatives

Fundraising and marketing for non-profit organizations requires strong database management, cost-effective marketing data, and a partner who has years of success helping non-profit organizations manage their donor databases.

Infutor’s data solutions for non-profit fundraisers are tailored to each individual organization. We mix and match a variety of data and data management solutions to dramatically improve fundraising efforts. Many of our non-profit marketing partners have come to Infutor for our data and technology expertise, but have found that our solutions also dramatically reduce their marketing data costs.


Infutor offers several ways for non-profits to improve their fundraising efforts and streamline data management strategies:
Digital Acquisition

Create powerful and targeted online campaigns for cost-effective new customer acquisition initiatives.

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Data Integration

Link all enterprise data to make critical decisions based on a consolidated view of all available information.

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Consumer Identification
and Verification

Instantly identify consumers across multiple channels for successful retention and cross-selling initiatives.

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Data Appending
and Enhancement

Add intelligence to customer and prospect data to more effectively locate and target your consumers

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Dramatically improve the quality and recency of your clients' data through a series of advanced data hygiene services.

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Targeted Marketing

Segment, target, and reach new consumers through traditional, digital, and social media channels.

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Learn more about how Infutor has helped Non-Profit fundraising organizations with key data initiatives:

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Learn how Infutor helped a national database management agency significantly improve data quality for their multi-million dollar health insurance client.



Free Whitepaper: Data Appending 101 + 16 Questions to Ask Your Provider

Learn the both the basic and more advanced information about data appending, including the key questions to ask your data provider.



Free Resource: Digital Marketing Success featuring Use Cases

Cost-effectively target the consumers who are most likely to purchase while adapting to a rapidly shifting digital marketplace.



Contact Infutor today to find out how accurate, reliable, and agile data solutions can provide key consumer insights and give you the power to make more informed business decisions