Traditional, digital, and mobile on-demand retail solutions

Competing in today’s retail market is increasingly complex, with emerging media evolving fast and changing often. Consumers are bombarded with multi-channel sales and marketing messages, especially as mobile device use grows exponentially.

While traditional marketing models are still the foundation of solid growth, the shifts in message delivery require increased understanding about consumer demands, habits, and contact methods.

Infutor offers you several ways to capture and utilize retail marketing data from a constantly evolving digital and mobile marketplace including:
Digital Acquisition

Create powerful and targeted online campaigns for cost-effective new customer acquisition initiatives.

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Data Integration

Link all enterprise data to make critical decisions based on a consolidated view of all available information.

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Dramatically improve the quality and recency of your consumer data through a series of advanced data hygiene services.

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Consumer Identification
and Verification

Instantly validate consumers across multiple channels for successful retention and cross-selling initiatives.

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Ensure TCPA Compliance and mitigate your risk of costly TCPA violation fines and lawsuits.

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Segment, target, and reach new consumers through traditional, digital, and social media channels.

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Learn more about how Infutor has helped Retailers with key data initiatives:

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Free Resource: Digital Marketing Success featuring Use Cases

Cost-effectively target the consumers who are most likely to purchase while adapting to a rapidly shifting digital marketplace.



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