Nationwide real property data

Infutor’s Real Property Database allows you to target and segment commercial and residential property owners. Covering 99% of all properties nationwide, Infutor's Real Property Data contains more than 200 additional property attributes, making it a valuable resource for insurance verification, real estate prospecting, financial risk assessment, market analytics, and data modeling.

Real Property Owners Data Attributes

Infutor’s Real Property Database offers extensive property attributes for further targeting and segmentation. Key data elements include:

  • Property Owner
  • Property Owner Address
  • Property Type (business, residential)
  • Property Attributes (land use, year built, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, presence of pool or fireplace, roof type, heating and cooling type, mobile home indicator, construction type
  • Assessor Information (homestead data, tax amount and tax year, recording dates, deed type, sales date and seller name, sale type [resale or refinance])
  • Prior Sale Information
  • Assessed Valuation, Appraisal, and Market Value
  • Mortgage Data Attributes (fixed or variable, seller carryback, title company, loan amount, interest rate, lender name, 2nd and 3rd mortgage information)

Real Property Database Compilation

Updated monthly, Infutor’s Real Property Data is compiled from Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) information reported from over 3,000 counties nationwide. Mortgage, sale, and property attribute data originates from county and court sources captured at the time a deed is recorded.

The data is further validated against Infutor’s Consumer Referential Data to thoroughly validate data and verify property ownership.

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