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New Tip Sheet: Unlock the True Modeling Potential of Your Organization’s Data

Infutor’s latest tip sheet reveals key insights into how a third-party data provider can help your business master the art of data science.

New White Paper: Start Addressing Data Breakage to Achieve Your Marketing Results

Discover the causes of data breakage and how minimizing the effects can improve your marketing returns and lift lifetime customer value.

New Infographic: 6 Strategies to Address Consumer Identity Data Breakage

Uncover the negative effects data breakage has on your business and how to address those issues to boost your marketing results.  

Top University Taps Infutor's Historical Property Data to Propel New Research

Explore how Stanford University used Infutor's identity graph to understand the effects of rent control expansion in San Francisco.

New White Paper: Privacy and Compliance Guide for Omnichannel Marketers

Our latest white paper uncovers the importance of protecting consumer identity information in an omnichannel universe.

New Infographic: Reach Automotive Buyers the Moment They are In Market

Infutor's newest infographic provides insight into how the automotive industry is trending and what you can do to influence the buying decision.

New White Paper: The Identity Crisis that Inhibits Marketing Qualification

Our latest white paper explores the five common problems that contribute to your brand's identity crisis and the solutions.

New infographic: Do Your Prospects and Customers Suffer From an Identity Crisis?

Infutor's most recent infographic offers insight into how inaccurate customer data is causing your brand to have an identity crisis.

Solving Your Inbound Omnichannel Dilemma With Consumer Identity

Our latest white paper provides three critical consumer identity best practices to help improve inbound omnichannel interaction.

New White Paper: How Banks and Merchants Can Increase Security Beyond the Chip

Explore how consumer identity management can help protect you and your assets from card not present fraud in the EMV era.

FAQs About Omnichannel Marketing and Consumer Identity Management Solutions

Uncover the benefits and returns that investing in a Consumer Identity Management solution has on your omnichannel marketing strategy.

New Infographic: Fight CNP Fraud With Consumer Identity Management

Explore how a Consumer Identity Management solution is a core ingredient for any card not present fraud mitigation process.

New Tip Sheet: 6 Key Ingredients For Predictive Analytics Success

Discover how using predictive analytics greatly improves your conversion rates and builds stronger relationships with customers.

New Infographic: 6 Ways Consumer Identity Management Powers Your Business

Discover how a consumer identity management solution drives revenue, increases ROI and decreases wasted marketing spend.

New Infographic: The Core of the Omnichannel Experience is Consumer Identity

Learn how consumer identity management empowers businesses to link touchpoints for a singular view of their customers.

TCPA Compliance White Paper: Evolving With The Latest Statutory Provisions

Infutor's 2017 Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance provides recent insight into risk associated with TCPA regulations and how to avoid them.

Webinar: Consumer Identity and Its Impact On Your Omnichannel Strategy

Infutor and the DMA discuss how properly executed consumer identity management improves omnichannel communications.

Why Customer Life Journeys Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Plan

Explore how Customer Life Journeys can impact your marketing ROI and how to successfully implement them into your marketing program.

Understanding Customers' Life Journeys Leads To Omnichannel Marketing Success

Explore the impact a consumer identity management resource can have on your marketing bottom line in our latest infographic.

Webinar: How AI Is Powering Marketing And The Consumer Identity It Needs To Succeed

Infutor CTO, John Barnes, and the DMA team up to discuss the future of artificial intelligence and the impact it has on marketing programs.