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4 Keys To Improved Lead Verification For Higher Education Marketers

Infutor's latest white paper sheds light on the benefits of an on-demand identity verification tool to help improve student conversions.  

Millennials: Verifying the Underbanked Generation Using Non-traditional Identifiers

Our newest white paper explores the potential challenges risk and fraud professionals face when verifying Millennials and how to solve them. 

Evaluating the Risk of Thin-file Millennials When Conventional Tools Fall Short

View Infutor's latest infographic to understand the challenges fraud and risk professionals face when dealing with the Millennial customer.

How Consumer Identity Management Addresses the Top Three Marketing Challenges

Explore the top three challenges marketers face when trying to achieve balance between scale and accuracy in an omnichannel world.

Successful Personalization Starts With Accurate Consumer Identity Data

Learn how a consumer identity management resource can make a major impact on your marketing initiatives in our latest infographic.

White Paper: 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Power Risk Management

Learn how artificial intelligence can power your risk management programs in Infutor's latest white paper.

Infographic: To Succeed With AI, Your Foundation Must Be Anything But Artificial

Discover the growth of AI, the velocity in which Consumer Identity data changes and how it all affects risk management.

White Paper: 6 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Power Your Marketing

Download our latest white paper which explores the importance of accurate consumer identity data to power successful AI programs.

Infographic: To Succeed With AI, Your Foundation Must Be Anything But Artificial

Our latest infographic explores how AI is changing the marketing universe and why accurate data is the key to a solid foundation. 

Whitepaper: 4 Key Questions You Need To Ask Your Prospective Data Provider

Download our white paper to learn more about data quality, governance, security and privacy when speaking to your prospective data provider.

Whitepaper: 6 Ways Consumer Identity Management Drives Success

Download our white paper to learn how consumer identity management can make a powerful impact on three core areas of the enterprise.

Whitepaper: Consumer Identity Management and Omnichannel Marketing

Download our white paper to learn the benefits of linking siloed data together, regardless of whether you have a master repository or not.

Infutor In the News: Infutor Enabling Identity Completion (DMNews Article)

2017 DMNews Interview with Dave Dague about Infutor's firm hold as the industry's foundational provider of core consumer identity data.

Infutor In the News: Consumer Identity Data Becomes Big Business

2017 MediaPost interview with Dave Dague about the increased focus on enterprise customer identity data management.

2017 Street Fight Predictions: Marketers Will Adopt "Complete Identity Management"

2017 predictions from Infutor's Gib Olander in Street Fight surrounding "Complete Identity Management" and its impact on enterprises and SMBs.

Whitepaper: Delivering a Better Future for Your Business through Email Validation

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how clean, deliverable email addresses are key to a successful marketing program.

Whitepaper: Breaking Down Data Silos through Persistent Identification

Customer identification is the first piece to creating a personalized shopping experience for your customers in every channel.

Article: TCPA Regulations are Complicated, Maintaining Compliance is Not

While the rules surrounding TCPA remain complex, maintaining compliance does not have to be difficult.

Infographic: Celebrating the History of Phones on National Telephone Day

Celebrate National Telephone Day with us and our newest infographic showcasing fun facts about the history of telephones.

Whitepaper: The Art of Data in Real Time – Uses and Applications

Learn valuable, practical tips for making real-time data a valuable part of your marketing and analytics initiatives.