Protect Your Assets and Customers From Identity Theft and Fraud

As enterprises continue to accumulate customer data and move to card-not-present transactions, it is more essential than ever before to put steps in place to not only protect your assets but also your customers from potential identity theft and fraud.  

Fraudsters and hackers are armed with a plethora of online and digital tools in order to access personal identifiable information (PII), such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, etc.

Authentication methods, including consumer verification, has become increasingly important to ensure you are doing business and developing relationships with people who are who they say they are.

Why Consumer Verification Is Critical

Consumer identity data changes


Fraud and identity theft is rising



Mitigate Fraud and Risk Through Consumer Identity Verification

Infutor’s on-demand ID Authenticate solution verifies, scores and enhances all of a consumer’s contact information. It also enables you to streamline manual review processes, avoid the risk of account creation and account takeover fraud and manage long term risk by monitoring changes to key customer information that might trigger an alert to a change in a consumer profile.




Beyond consumer verification

Along with consumer identity verification, a wealth of actionable attributes for each identity is available to help your enterprise further segment your audience. These attributes enable you to provide a more personalized consumer experience, improve ROI, and create look alike models to identify premium leads most likely to convert.



Consumer Verification Security and Compliance Leaders

Secure Facilities

Facilities are fully secured and comply with SAS70/SSAE16 certification requirements as well as badge entry and 24/7 video surveillance.

Risk Aversion

Best practices are followed for data center risk aversion, including use of UPS/backup generators and fire suppression.

Data Security

Data resides in independent redundant co-location facilities and systems are secured by keycard and biometric access controls.


97.5 million daily transactions completed on-demand in sub-second response time.


Redundant load balanced systems that are available 24/7 with a greater than 99.994 uptime.


Access to our vast identity graph available using API (RESTful XML, JSON or SOAP) or a mass batch upload.

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