Mitigate fraud risk through consumer identity verification

Reduce your organization’s risk of fraudulent transactions through a series of identity verification solutions. Infutor delivers real-time consumer identification and validation solutions, providing you with key consumer profile and demographic information to assist in online and offline fraud prevention.

Accessing our vast repository of comprehensive identity data attributes, we are able to instantly provide you with a highly authoritative score, confirming an individual’s identity.

Identity verified in one, simple process:

Benefits of Infutor's ID Authenticate for consumer verification solution:

Access to a vast repository of authoritative identity attributes, providing confidence in quality verification

Flexible scoring, with the ability to customize a consumer score to fit your regulatory and risk requirements

On-demand, real-time verification, integrating with any online or internal enterprise platforms


Learn more about how Infutor can help power your consumer identification initiatives on-demand, in real-time:

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