Get The Max From Your Inbound Consumer Leads and Inquiries

When you receive incomplete or incorrect consumer identity data for inbound leads and inquiries, you miss major opportunities to connect, qualify, personalize and convert.

Infutor’s ID Max makes your inbound data whole — and wholly accurate — so you qualify prospects, engage them personally, better direct their inquiries and win them over as customers. With ID Max, we take your fractional inbound identity data and, using our massive Identity Graph, instantly provide a complete and accurate identity and life style attribute profile of your consumers.

How It Works:


Identity Verification: Send partial or complete consumer-provided information and ID Max returns a score on a 100 point scale to reflect the accuracy of the data submitted


Identity Completion: As we receive your lead and inquiry data, ID Max immediately provides comprehensive, updated contact information including name, address, phones and emails in real-time


Identity Enrichment: ID Max delivers wealth of key consumer attributes and intelligence to qualify leads, drive inbound routing, support marketing segmentation, and enable personalization. Actionable attributes include demographics, housing and automotive ownership details, lifestyles, and predictive intelligence insights

How ID Max Improves Lead Handling and Conversions:
Optimize Lead Capture: Ask less on your online forms and expect more prospect responses. ID Max allows you to streamline data capture by foregoing extensive form fields that reduce the volume of form submissions
Create Segmented and Personalized Engagements: Improve outbound engagements with more personalized campaigns to maximize marketing conversions
Streamline Lead Routing: By instantly creating a profile of your inbound leads, you can automatically route inbound callers to improve service and maximize conversions
Improve Attribution: ID Max increases your opportunity to attribute leads by identifying additional points of contact for prospects, like alternate email addresses and phone numbers
Enhance CRM Accuracy and Increase Marketing Scale: Maintain higher omnichannel touchpoints and consistently keep pace with your changing consumers to improve overall customer experience, maximize lifetime value and reduce churn
ID Max Competitive Advantages:
Consumer Identity Management Experts

Consumer Identity Management Experts

Infutor is 100% focused on delivering the most current and accurate consumer identity information, available on demand

97.5 Million Daily Updates

97.5 Million Daily Updates

Infutor maintains an expansive data network, leveraging 97,500,000 daily updates across our master Identity Graph of 255M consumers and 30 years of consumer history

Complete Profiles

Complete Profiles

We enable you to complete an entire consumer profile, including identity, scoring and attributes, on-demand, to significantly improve the value and engagement of your leads

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