Validate inbound leads to improve sales qualification and ROI

Lead quality ranks as one of the top challenges marketers face. Whether it’s intentionally poor data entry to obtain free information, incorrect addresses, or false email addresses, unverified marketing leads add a substantial cost to all sales efforts.

Lead validation services help you reliably validate all of a lead’s contact information instantly, so data can be part of the real-time sales flow process.


Lead is verified in one, simple process:



Benefits of Infutor's Lead Validation solution:

Identify high-quality, potential customers without wasting time and effort on inaccurate and unqualified leads

Ability to add key lifestyle, behavioral, and property attributes to validate and better engage high-quality leads

On-demand, real-time verification, integrating with any online submission form or internal enterprise platforms


Learn more about how Infutor can help power your lead validation initiatives on-demand, in real-time:

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