Mitigate your risk of TCPA violations

The newest changes to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 were implemented on October 16, 2013 with additional clarification adopted in June 2015. Changes include more defined regulations surrounding autodialed/robodialed telemarketing calls and pre-recorded messages, specific to both landline and wireless telephone lines including:

  • Prior express written consent is required for all autodialed or prerecorded telemarketing calls or text messages to wireless numbers and pre-recorded calls made to residential landlines, with the exception of informational calls, such as those from non-profit organizations, political calls, and calls for other noncommercial purposes (informational messages i.e. school closings)
  • Specific requirements enabling consumers to opt-out of future robocalls during a robocall
  • Established Business Relationship exemption for pre-recorded telemarketing calls to residential landlines will be eliminated, requiring companies to obtain express written consent from their consumers to receive pre-recorded telemarketing messages. EBR still applies to Do-Not-Call regulations

Fines for violation of TCPA regulations range from $500-$1500 per incident.

Maintaining TCPA Compliance

Due to these significant changes in the past three years, any business or individual who places calls on behalf of a business must comply with TCPA regulations (or risk potential multi-million dollar lawsuits). Key TCPA compliance steps are necessary to mitigate risk and protect your business:

Phone Type

1. Phone Type

Identify whether a telephone number is landline or wireless to minimize the risk of autodialing a wireless telephone number.


Phone Owner

2. Phone Owner

Verify whether the phone owner name is the same as the person who provided consent to call and/or leave pre-recorded voice messages.


Ported Phones

3. Ported Phones

Process current telephone numbers to identify phones that have recently been ported from landline to wireless numbers.


How does Infutor's TCPA Compliance solution mitigate your risk?

TCPA Premium Compliance services utilize Infutor’s extensive authoritative telephone network to verify information for up-to-the-minute phone validation. This includes the most current phone type designation for telephone numbers that have recently been ported from landline to VoIP or wireless numbers.

Infutor’s TCPA Premium Compliance solution identifies phone type (landline or wireless), consumer name, addresses, ported phone numbers, and phone confidence score in one, single step process:

Infutor's TCPA Compliance Solution provides you with the confidence that you are protected from the risk of costly TCPA violations.

Benefits of Infutor's TCPA Compliance Expertise

Industry Leadership For the past 15 years, Infutor has been a leader in providing telephone data solutions to the nation’s largest retailers, marketing agencies, call centers, and financial institutions. Our long-standing clients continue to rely on us to provide the industry’s premier telephone data and telephone data solutions; as well as help them mitigate the more recent threat of TCPA violations.
Authoritative Data Expertise Infutor has access to the industry’s most up-to-date and complete authoritative data sources.  We include only authoritative information in our Match Confirmed category. Other industry providers often include non-authoritative information in their Confirmed category, including loose fuzzy matches, partial matches, and matches against older historic phone records. These results fail to provide transparency into the confidence of the match, increasing your risk for violating the TCPA, and potentially resulting in millions of dollars in damages.
Agility and Flexibility Infutor is agile in both technology and in the way businesses interact with us. This is a core differentiator as our flexible technology can easily adjust to the needs of our customers. Our agile structure carries over into our sales and product organization as we work to tailor our solutions to the expectations of our customers instead of boxing customers into our expectations. Because of our flexibility, we are able to quickly respond to client requests without procedural red tape hindering progress.
Real-Time Leadership Infutor is a pioneer in real-time data applications, having provided access to data through our real-time API for more than 12 years. We can easily integrate our real-time technology into any internal databases, CRMs, autodialers, or SaaS applications for instant TCPA risk mitigation.
Reassigned Numbers Infutor has years of expertise in the identification of reassigned (ported) telephone numbers, providing this information to the market long before the newest TCPA changes were adopted. Our phone data expertise allows us to better identify reassigned numbers without creating noise with continual disconnect/reconnect transactions.
Data Repository 
Clients with in-house analyst teams often require unrestricted access to the detail behind our TCPA Premium Compliance solution. For these clients, we also provide raw, detailed validation information, to facilitate analysis or custom risk modeling. Using our vast in-house referential data repositories and access to authoritative data, Infutor is able to go beyond TCPA risk mitigation, and offer provide additional information (automotive, email, deceased, bankruptcy, address history) to facilitate ID validation, fraud detection, and collections.


Free Whitepaper Download: The Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance
The Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance

Learn the basics and more advanced information about TCPA Compliance. Download our newest whitepaper: The Complete Guide to TCPA Compliance to learn about:

  • Background of the new legislation
  • Current TCPA Regulations
  • What changes have occurred
  • Understanding the Safe Harbor period
  • A summary of TCPA Lawsuit Filings
  • Key lawsuits and rulings
  • How businesses can mitigate risk
  • Choosing a provider you can trust

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