Gain powerful insight needed to make crucial business decisions

While Infutor’s vast data attributes are key to implementing and improving data-driven needs, knowing how to optimally massage data is key to exceeding KPIs and maximize ROI. Infutor’s analytics and modeling solutions leverage advanced scoring to provide propensity attributes, and indicate predictiveness. This enables you to look at your customer base and analyze past behavior to indicate future performance.




Enterprise-level insights for advanced analytics:



Benefits of Infutor's Analytics and Modeling solutions:

Provide the fuel for your analytics team to make critical, highly-predictive business decisions

Give you the flexibility to customize scoring to optimize your individual business initiatives

Access to a vast repository of authoritative identity attributes, providing extensive consumer insight



Learn more about how Infutor can help power your analytics and modeling initiatives on-demand, in real-time:

Case Study: National Fraud Risk Data

A national leader in the prevention of consumer fraud creates critical risk-based consumer identification applications for fraud and risk mitigation.



Case Study: The Measurable Impact of High-Quality Data

A national database management agency needs to significantly improve data quality for their multi-million dollar health insurance client.



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