Segment and target consumers through all marketing channels

Your omni-channel marketing strategy relies on your ability to target one consumer across all channels. Whether it’s online, in-store, through social media, or at your call centers, your conversions rely on consistent consumer messaging. With Infutor’s multi-channel targeting data, you can segment and reach your consumers through all traditional and emerging marketing channels.


Engage and convert more consumers through all marketing channels:

Digital and email solutions

Email remains one of the most cost-effective methods communication, as well as the preferred communication method of consumers across all channels. With advances in data collection and linking, Infutor can turn your email address into a powerful targeting and segmentation tool.


Online ad serving

Reach your offline consumers through broad digital channels. Infutor will convert your offline data into anonymous online data, and add powerful data attributes for targeting online consumers. Launch ad retargeting campaigns, promote online ads for custom audiences, and tailor website messaging to drive digital conversions.


Custom social audience campaigns

Build powerful campaigns using your customer and prospect CRM data to target and engage with your consumers through social media platforms. Infutor’s key demographic, lifestyle, and behavioral attributes allow you to build custom campaigns for the highest social conversions.


In-bound call center solutions

Instantly identify a consumer, receive a consumer profile score, and have calls automatically routed to specialized agents to provide a customized experience for your inbound callers. Infutor’s inbound call center solutions drive higher conversions, while significantly reducing agent talk time.


Traditional campaigns

Round out your omni-channel marketing initiatives through traditional postal channels. Target consumers for specialized promotions and holiday offers to drive engagement across all channels.



Learn more about how Infutor's multi-channel marketing solutions can improve your omni-channel initiatives:

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