Real-time data delivered at the speed of today's consumers

With today's consumers interacting in real-time, you need technology that keeps up with market demands. Combine key data attributes with our real-time, on-demand platform to receive powerful consumer insights in sub-second time. Our real-time API drives critical business functions in online marketing, data verification and validation, fraud prevention and risk management, customer acquisition and retention, intelligent call routing, skip-tracing, and more.

By accessing vast and meaningful consumer data attributes in real-time, you will be able to confidently provide a relevant, intelligent response to power critical business decisions.


Key solutions available on-demand in real time include:
Identity Completion

Verify consumer information and populate missing or inaccurate name, address, and customer demographic information.

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Consumer Verification

Instantly identify consumers across multiple channels for successful retention, cross-selling, and risk mitigation initiatives.

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Target and align efforts with consumers most likely to convert into revenue with Infutor's profiling and scoring solution.

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Appending and Enhancement

Add intelligence to customer and prospect data to more effectively locate and target your consumers.

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TCPA Compliance

Ensure TCPA Compliance and mitigate your risk of costly TCPA violation fines and lawsuits.

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Data Hygiene

Dramatically improve the quality and recency of your consumer data through a series of advanced data hygiene services.

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Learn more about how Infutor can help drive consumer engagement on-demand, in real-time:

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