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- Infutor Acquires
Ruf Strategic Solutions -

Accelerating its Consumer Identity, Analytics and Intelligence Market Position
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Our elite data instantly improves your
marketing acquisition efforts.

You’ll learn critical details about top leads and customers to optimize every
inbound and outbound engagement to improve the customer experience.

Powered by the unmatched depth, breadth and currency of our dynamic consumer Identity Graph

Infutor’s on-demand solutions quickly integrate with virtually any platform to meet your goals.

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On-Demand Consumer Identity Insights Fueled by the Most Powerful Identity Graph Available

As specialists in Consumer Identity Management, we’re experts at balancing data and technology to deliver accurate, up-to-date consumer identity insights. Our solutions offer on-demand access and integrate with virtually any platform.

Our vast linked consumer identity graph puts us among the industry’s elite data-driven identity providers, and our in-house experts have helped make us one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.


Infutor maintains an expansive data network leveraging over 255M consumers and 97M daily updates across our master identity graph.


Using as little as a single identifier, we deliver complete identity profiles, scores and attributes on-demand, one interaction at a time.


30+ years of historical identity assets built upon a unique combination of internal and network referential data sources.

Because consumer identity management and resolution is our only focus, we excel at helping today’s leading brands make the smartest decisions based on complete, accurate and on-demand consumer knowledge.

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