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Infutor and Ruf Strategic Solutions: Simply Better Together


Infutor and Ruf have entered a new life stage, joining forces to deliver the next generation of identity resolution and data-science driven solutions. Infutor is the expert in Consumer Identity Management, enabling brands to learn everything they need to know…

Why Validation is Key to Successful Email Marketing


Email remains a core part of the marketing mix. With brands sending more email than ever, relying on the channel to develop and maintain relationships as well as drive sales, it’s critical to maintain a strong sender reputation.

Verifying the Underbanked Generation


Exploring the potential challenges professionals face when verifying Millennials and how to solve them.

Breaking Down Data Silos


Persistent identification across all channels is key to omnichannel success. With the ever-growing number of ways to engage, it’s a challenge for brands to identify customers, including when and where they were acquired.

Data Appending 101 and 16 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider


Learn what you need to know about data appending, taking the information you have and turning it into so much more, and key questions to ask your data provider.

Succeeding with AI, Your Foundation Must Be Anything but Artificial


The big thing in marketing still needs accurate identity data. Artificial Intelligence – AI – is everywhere because it significantly advances the potential of automated marketing.