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Power Your Entire Enterprise with Infutor Consumer Identity Solutions

Every interaction with a consumer, each decision made by a brand should be informed by data. Whether it’s inbound or outbound messaging or even the time between engagements, consumer identity data should drive strategies across an entire enterprise.

Consumer data is transformative. It has fundamentally changed how marketers:

  • Reach new customers
  • Engage with prospects in real-time
  • Segment and personalize messaging
  • Predict purchasing decisions as buyers’ needs evolve
  • Identify their best consumers
  • Mitigate risks associated with bad leads

To fully leverage the power of consumer identity data, marketers need access to the right tools. Infutor makes it easy by offering solutions that inform every engagement during the consumers’ buying journey as well as through their life journey.

Infutor helps brands solve their biggest challenges through data, without experiencing the overwhelming “big data” challenges

Improve Acquisition Marketing and Convert New Prospects

Consumers make decisions in just seconds. In order to help brands make the best first impression, Infutor offers solutions to help marketers instantly score, complete and enhance consumer identities to provide relevant messaging at the moment of engagement.

Find More Customers

Enhance Intelligence
for Analytics

The backbone of any analytics initiative is intelligence. With the right predictive information, data scientists are able to uncover insights that drive sales, reduce cost and improve customer lifetime value. See how Infutor intelligence drives predictive analytics for your marketing team.

Smarter Marketing

Marketing Reach

Consumers use hundreds of channels. It’s more important than ever that marketers recognize and reach them wherever they engage and create a positive experience. Infutor features solutions to empower marketers to identify and learn more about new consumers, build custom audiences, and improve digital reach.

Expand Your Reach

Optimize CRM Performance for Retention and Upselling

A CRM is only as valuable as the quality of its data. When a CRM is up-to-date, enhanced, cleansed and linked, marketers have access to an incredibly powerful tool to keep pace with customers as they change throughout their life journeys. Infutor helps brands reduce churn and get maximum lifetime value from each relationship.

Enhance Your Data

Personalize Marketing Engagements

Consumers expect to be recognized – online and offline. And when marketers fully understand who they’re engaging with, they can maximize conversions and the consumer’s lifetime value. Infutor drives real-time personalization by providing accurate and complete identity data, while shedding light on the lifestyles and interests of their customers.

Know Your Customers

Identify and Activate
Top Audience Segments

Focusing on their best performing audience segments is one of the simplest ways for brands to increase ROI. See how Infutor enables marketers to find their most profitable groups of customers and reach more consumers with similar interests and shopping behaviors.

Focus On Your Best

Create Value-Added Solutions and Custom Models

When hosting data and predictive intelligence on-site, marketers and data science teams have full control for use across an entire enterprise at any time inspiration strikes. License Infutor data and predictive intelligence to drive value-added solutions and limitless custom models.

Build Stronger Models

Mitigate Risk

Fraud and risk and compliance professionals must work diligently to protect their assets and their consumers – and they’re doing so with consumer data. See how Infutor’s unmatched data helps brands mitigate risk and avoid costly fines.

Protect Your Assets

Infutor solutions change how marketers reach new customers, personalize messaging, and predict purchase decisions

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