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Build Unique Solutions Through Unmatched Consumer Data and Intelligence

In order to differentiate from the competition in marketplaces where products and services are often viewed as commodities, brands must continuously find ways to offer new value. Infutor’s consumer data powers brands’ innovative value-added solutions as well as custom modeling to create value propositions that are unique in the industry.

By integrating Infutor consumer data and intelligence into current CRM data, marketers and product owners significantly increase the depth and reach of their current offerings to drive product value to the end-user. Infutor’s data also provides a robust foundation to build custom modeling and analytics on-site.

With our attributes and intelligence, data science teams will have the fuel to develop quantitative models that predict future behaviors and purchases as well as segment consumer groups based on lifestyle preferences and behaviors.

Enhance core products with value-added solutions and custom modeling to create more value for end-users


Enhance solutions by leveraging our email, auto, phone, consumer history, location and property databases.

Full View of Consumers

Total Consumer
Connex Clusters

Put powerful audience segments in your data science team’s hands to power further analytics and custom modeling initiatives.

Smarter Modeling


Find auto shoppers and score their propensity to buy based on purchase behavior, ownership history.

Drive More Value


Equip your team with unregulated scores that correlate highly to traditional credit scores without violating FCRA.

Discover Buying Power

Valuation Model

A powerful combination of consumer identity data, real property data and advanced machine learning.

Glue for Strong Models

Home Equity

Target the best prospective borrowers with cost-effective data, unregulated home equity data.

Find Likely Borrowers

Powers unique value-added solutions and custom data modeling tools with Infutor data

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