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Smarter Marketing Through Unmatched Big Data Analytics

Analytics and modeling functions are only as strong as the data and intelligence that fuel them.

Consumer intelligence empowers brands and marketers to improve big data analytics initiatives. With the right data, data scientists can build models to reach and convert more prospects by enabling the creation of targeted segments and personalized messaging for omnichannel campaigns. Rich consumer intelligence fuels analytics and machine learning with data that helps marketers target the right audience and provide meaningful experiences with their brand.

With Infutor’s consumer intelligence, data science and analytics teams uncover new and important insights that drive sales, reduce cost and improve customer lifetime value. Increase conversions, ROI, and the lifetime value of customers through relevant messaging delivered at the right time.

Infutor’s intelligence provides the fuel for unique data science and analytics initiatives


Ensure your analytics team has the more complete and accurate contact information (name, physical address, phone, email).

Know Your Leads

Segmentation Profile

Delivers a complete analysis of top-performing customer groups to drive marketing decisions.

Analyze Your Data

Cluster Appends

Leverage groups of consumers with similar demographic, geographic and psychographic traits.

Gain More Intelligence


Identify active auto shoppers and their propensity to buy based on purchase behavior and ownership history.

Drive Auto Messaging


Equip your team with unregulated scores that correlate highly to traditional credit scores without violating FCRA.

Discover Buying Power

Valuation Model

A powerful combination of consumer identity data, real property data and advanced machine learning.

Glue for Strong Models

Home Equity

Target the best prospective borrowers with cost-effective data, unregulated home equity data.

Find Likely Borrowers


Give your data science team a 360-degree view of your customers to power marketing and analytics.

Get the Full Picture


Put your team in control of our email, auto, phone, consumer history, location and property databases.

Take Control of Data

Improve consumer data models and power advanced analytics for smarter omnichannel marketing

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