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Find Your Best Consumer Segments and More Ways to Reach Them

One of the most valuable tools for data science and analytics teams for outbound marketing is audience segmentation. Grouping consumers by location, demographics, behaviors, lifestyles, or media usage enables the identification of top performing audience segments. It drives the personalization of messaging for each consumer segment to maximize engagement.

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Infutor solutions help marketers not only identify their top performing audience segments and lookalike consumers through segmentation analysis, but also activate them. Our unmatched consumer identity data improves omnichannel reach with the most accurate and up to date identity marketer for online and offline messaging.

Success through segmentation whitepaper

Why is Customer Segmentation Important?
Our Guide Explains

Each consumer has a story — their age, where they live, how many children they have, the media channels they choose. All of this intelligence comes together to provide marketers with valuable insight into consumers’ lives. It provides a connective tissue to other consumers who share similar lifestyles.

How is segmentation done? Our guide looks at customer segmentation and examines how it can be used to impact a brand’s marketing by providing the book on their top performing consumer segments.

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Find your best-performing consumer segments and engage them with personalized messaging through segmentation analysis and more

Segmentation Profile

Segmentation analysis gives an instant understanding of your top consumer segments based on your KPIs to power personalization.

Get Segmentation Analysis

Cluster Appends

Leverage consumer segments with similar demographic, geographic and psychographic traits.

Add Top Segments

Total Consumer Connex Clusters

Put powerful audience segments in your data science team’s hands at any moment.

On-Site Consumer Segments


Key demographic and lifestyle attributes provide a full view of consumers to drive personalized messaging.

Increase Intelligence


Enhance solutions by leveraging our email, auto, phone, consumer history, location and property databases.

Full View of Consumers


Expand reach by building highly targeted and customizable audiences.

Build Your Best Audience

Digital ID

Reach more of your best social and programmatic audiences.

Smarter Targeting

Ad IDs

Increase marketing reach by adding any associated Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) to identities.

Expand Digital Reach

Find your best consumer segments and more ways to reach them through segmentation analysis

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