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Recognize Consumers at the Moment of Engagement to Grow Customer Base, Boost Conversions

If a brand doesn’t fully understand its best customers, all customer acquisition efforts to convert new prospects are instantly sub-optimized.

Being able to recognize consumers at the initial moment of interaction enables brands to have meaningful conversations from the beginning and engage them with relevant offers. It instantly gives consumers confidence that their unique needs will be met, improving the customer experience and driving higher conversions.

The right data and intelligence fuels the search to identify and reach high-propensity consumers as well as the ability to create personalized messaging that resonates. It enables brands to make more intelligent decisions and develop omnichannel marketing campaigns to find the best consumers and segments while decreasing time and marketing dollars wasted on unqualified prospects.

By understanding who your best customers are, you’ll be able to drive intelligent outbound marketing campaigns that maximize customer acquisition and conversions.


Return missing or incomplete contact data points to ensure you can reach prospects across all channels.

Complete Your Leads


Gain confidence in your consumer data by evaluating incoming contact points against our identity graph.

Verify and Score Leads


Create highly targeted, customizable audiences to provide more personal, targeted marketing offers.

Build Your Best Audience

Connex Segmentation Profile

Tap into the demographic, geographic and lifestyle propensities of the most profitable customers.

Know Top Consumers

Segmentation Cluster Appends

Leverage groups of consumers with similar demographic, geographic and psychographic traits.

Gain More Intelligence


Keep up with ever-changing consumers so your messaging is relevant across their life journey.

Total CRM Solution


Additional identity markers and demographic and lifestyle attributes improve customer acquisition and drive personalized messaging.

Full View of Consumers

Instantly bolster customer acquisition and conversion strategies with Infutor data

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