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Expand Omnichannel Reach with Actionable, On-Demand Consumer Data

A brand’s growth is dependent on its ability to connect with new consumers through relevant messaging in the right channels. And when armed with the right tools, increasing marketing reach to find prospects has been made easier than ever.

Leading brands and marketers are leveraging consumer data to complete consumer profiles with as much intelligence and as many identity markers as possible to reach their full potential market. By unlocking every identity marker — phone numbers, email addresses, hashed email and Mobile Ad IDs — they’re able to build true omnichannel campaigns to reach all of their most valuable consumers through all possible marketing channels.

Infutor’s solutions power market reach initiatives with actionable, on-demand data to deepen the pool of prospects and reach more consumers with relevant messaging.

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Drive your brand’s growth by leveraging Infutor to increasing market reach


Return missing and incomplete contact data points to ensure you’re able to reach the most prospects across all channels.

Complete Your Leads


Fill gaps in your brand’s consumer data with additional identity markers and attributes to improve market reach.

Reach More Consumers


Expand reach by building highly targeted and customizable audiences.

Build Your Best Audience


Key demographic and lifestyle attributes provide a full view of consumers to drive personalized messaging.

Increase Intelligence


The complete data cleansing and linking solution that keeps CRM data accurate and up-to-date.

Total CRM Solution

Digital ID

Reach more of your best social and programmatic audiences.

Smarter Targeting

Ad IDs

Increase marketing reach by adding any associated Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs) to identities.

Expand Digital Reach

Segmentation Cluster Appends

Acquire new customers by targeting lookalikes of best-performing audience segments.

Find More of the Best

Grow your brand by expanding omnichannel reach with actionable, on-demand consumer data

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