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Protect Against Fraud and Fines with Risk Mitigation, Compliance Solutions

More than ever, brands and consumers face the threat of identity theft and fraud. Millions of consumers fall victim to account takeovers and card-not-present scams every year. Also on the rise are Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) complaint filings. It’s a combination that has fraud and risk compliance professionals working overtime to protect their assets and the customers that are being targeted.

Powered by data-driven solutions, brands can combat fraud while also complying with TCPA and PATRIOT Act regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

Infutor’s solutions verify and score consumer identities to mitigate risk while ensuring regulatory compliance by leveraging hundreds of millions of consumer records tied to 1.3 billion current and historical addresses. Our data also contains more than 250 million Social Security Numbers (restricted), gender, date of birth, deceased date, aliases, historical address information, and effective dates for each address change.

Infutor data is compiled from thousands of public and proprietary sources, all of which are non-GLBA and non-FCRA encumbered, making it one of the largest non-regulated consumer databases in the industry. This foundational data provides marketers with an additional tool in the never-ending battle against fraud.

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Infutor provides data-driven solutions to keep your brand safe from risk and highly compliant.

TCPA Premium

Compare data to our expansive identity graph for instant validation of name, phone number, phone type and consent date.

Stay Compliant

ID Authenticate

Verify, score and enhance a consumer’s identity profile to make informed decisions about whom to trust.

Mitigate Risk

Put security and compliance first with Infutor risk mitigation solutions

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