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Revolutionize Your CRM for Maximum Customer Retention, Lifetime Value

Consumers are a brand’s most crucial asset. Equally important is the relationship that brands maintain with their most valuable customers. And the key to ensuring that these relationships remain mutually beneficial lies in the effective data management of a brand’s customer relationship management tool (CRM).

A CRM is a marketers’ library filled with each customer’s story — their identity, their lifestyle preferences and buying propensities, and much more. However, consumer data changes rapidly. CRM database cleansing, updating, linking, optimization and enrichment should be prioritized to enable marketers to leverage that data to maximize value and continually meet consumers’ evolving needs.

Infutor’s diverse array of solutions can transform any brand’s CRM data into a goldmine of omnichannel marketing intelligence for targeted outreach and seamless, personalized inbound experiences that improve customer retention and customer lifetime value.

Turn your CRM into a consumer data powerhouse through completion, enhancement, and optimization.


Keep your CRM identity data current by return missing and incomplete contact data points.

Complete Your Leads


Gain confidence in your consumer data by evaluating incoming contact points against our identity graph.

Verify and Score Leads

Segmentation Profile

Tap into the demographic, geographic and lifestyle propensities of the most profitable customers in your CRM.

Know the Best Consumers


Additional identity markers and attributes provide a full view of consumers in your CRM to power marketing and analytics.

Enrich Identities


The ultimate CRM cleansing and linking, data hygiene solution with add-on attributes and intelligence.

Total CRM Solution

Transform your CRM data into a goldmine of marketing intelligence for targeted outreach and seamless, personalized inbound experiences

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