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Create Personalized Marketing that Resonates with Consumers and Increases Engagement

Better engagement, improved customer experience, increased brand loyalty, higher conversion rates. The benefits of personalized marketing are clear. The biggest challenges of personalized marketing are just as easy to see: consumer data decays at a high rate, lifestyles and preferences evolve. So how can marketers deliver the right messaging in an ever-changing sea of consumers in hundreds of different channels?

Overcoming these obstacles to execute proper personalization requires accurate and complete consumer identity data. It requires rich consumer attributes such as consumer demographics and psychographics, online and mobile behaviors, propensity-to-buy, and purchasing history. By taking advantage of consumer data and intelligence, marketers can show that they truly understand who the consumer on the other side of an engagement is as well as where they are in their life stage.

Infutor enables brands to fully personalize experiences by providing marketers with the industry’s best tools for discovering each consumer’s story.

Drive revenue and lifetime value by leveraging data and intelligence to create personalized customer experiences

Connex Segmentation Profile

Gain instant understanding of your top customers based on your KPIs to power segmentation, personalization.

Know Your Consumers

Segmentation Cluster Appends

Instantly understand what your best consumers look like and to provide more meaningful engagements.

Personalize in Real Time


Create highly targeted, customizable audiences to provide more personal, targeted marketing offers.

Build Your Best Audience


Fill the gaps in your consumer data records to drive smarter personalized messaging.

Get the Full Picture

Increase consumer engagement by personalizing each experience with your brand

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