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Empower Offline-Online Digitization for Onboarding, Cross-Device Linking, Privacy-Compliant Personalization

The digital world is increasingly anonymized. Marketers are left with the need for a new set of tools and device graph that enable cross-device linking. Through linking, they can drive more relevant omnichannel campaigns at scale, reduce duplicate messaging and empower more precise attribution. The search for the right tools has led to increased use of digital identity markers such as Mobile Ad IDs (iOS and Android), resting IP addresses, and hashed emails as more brands seek alternatives to third-party cookies.

Alongside increased anonymity is a wake of continually evolving regulations that marketers must navigate to find privacy-compliant ways to reach consumers. Effectively onboarding, linking digital and offline profiles and attributes, segmentation, and personalization must be done in real-time. And they must be done while protecting personally identifiable information (PII).

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What is a Device Graph?
A Single Source of Digital Truth.

Infutor’s unprecedented TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph is the premier source of truth for marketers navigating an increasingly digital landscape. This digital device graph is based on linking roughly 1 billion privacy-compliant and permissibly obtained email identities with 495+ million digital devices and over 3.5 billion mobile ad ID and hashed email pairs. In addition, the digital device graph includes resting IP addresses on the majority of U.S. adult consumers.

This unmatched deterministic and authoritative digital data allows us to match, resolve, and expand digital consumer identities, enabling you to maximize and personalize digital reach. The TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph drives Infutor’s Digital Solutions Suite that includes:

Infutor’s TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph enables marketers to reach and engage anonymous consumers

Unmatched Online and Offline Data Attributes

With only an anonymous view of a digital device, marketers are unable to provide relevant content in the right channels. As the experts in consumer identity management, Infutor empowers marketers to leverage rich online and offline data attributes and lifestyle traits through its TrueSource™ Identity Graph. This provides the ability to personalize offerings to anonymous device owners.

This offline identity graph features a powerful collection of name, physical address, phone number and email identity information linked with attribute data and predictive intelligence. Among the data are core deterministic demographics such as age and gender that are tied back to the TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph.

With this data, marketers can effectively target and link consumers with cross-device identification, segment audiences, and personalize communications in the digital space. And by incorporating intelligence such as Infutor’s Connex Audience Clusters — groups of consumers sharing similar characteristics — marketers can understand the attributes that comprise their most profitable segments.

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Key Advantages:

  • Infutor’s industry-leading TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph features 495+ million MAIDs, over 3.5 billion MAID and hashed email (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256) pairs, and IP addresses on the majority of U.S. adult consumers. This allows us to match and resolve digital identities, enabling maximum digital reach.
  • Our unique data is sourced from tens of thousands of iOS and Android app publishers.
  • Key deterministic offline data attributes (age, gender, marital status, children, wealth score, home ownership, and more) drive actionable intelligence and analytics for segmentation and personalization.


  • Cross-device linking at the individual and household level ensures minimal duplication and consistent messaging, maximizing ROI and minimizing marketing waste
  • Connex Clusters can be leveraged to identify and profile consumers at a deep level while protecting privacy.
  • Solutions powered by Infutor’s Digital Onboarding provide a Safe Harbor to marketers and platforms by digitizing audiences, eliminating the need to ingest PII into their platform.
  • Current availability on-demand API and batch, with licensing options available upon request.

Learn how you can personalize digital marketing in an increasingly anonymous world with Infutor’s Digital Device Graph

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