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Episode 14 –
Discussing Early-Stage Investing in Marketing and Media Technologies with Eric Franchi

Early-stage venture capitalists face some difficult choices when selecting a winning startup. The market opportunity, management team, and viability of the concept are primary ingredients that influence investment decisions, but the complexity that stems from starting a business in a rapidly expanding and changing market, creates opportunities for big wins in a VC’s portfolio.

Eric Franchi is a Partner at MathCapital, a very active and successful early-stage venture capital firm focused on the digital transformation of marketing and media. With about 45 companies in its portfolio, the firm has focused its investments in CTV, identity, commerce media, and analytics. Before MathCapital, Eric was the co-founder of Undertone, which Perion acquired for $180m in 2015.

In this episode of Infutor’s Identity Revolution Podcast, Eric and host, Cory Davis, discuss early-stage investment strategy. According to Eric, when assessing a winning venture, start by getting to know the founders. Finding common understanding of their unique perspectives and learning their reasons for starting a business in that particular niche, can mitigate risk and increase the probability of success. Eric also explains why he believes the next 20 years will be better than the last 20 years in terms of the acceleration of technology in this space.

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Episode 13 –
Discussing the Positive Correlation Between External Data Sources and Successful Outcomes With Omer Har

Collecting relevant data and implementing it into business strategy is a superpower all companies want and few have mastered. Enter Mr. Omer Har, the Co-founder and CTO of Explorium. Omer and our host, Cory Davis, discuss the importance of data in today’s business world with use cases including risk assessment, fraud prevention and lead scoring. As Omer explains, most companies work only with first-party data instead of focusing on data acquisition strategies. Luckily, Explorium is here to help them out.

“What we’re about is giving them automatic access to thousands of different data sources and not only giving them the sources but also the discovery of new data sources and recommending which data will be relevant to their particular problem.”

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Episode 12 –
Discussing the Future of Global Publishing With Matt Barash of Zeotap

The global market is becoming increasingly restricted and regulated. Walled gardens are dominating the web and consumer privacy is front and center in any discussion concerning the future of advertising. This level of complexity isn’t new to AdTech/MarTech, and some companies like Zeotap continue to thrive amongst the chaos and spin up innovative solutions that enable businesses to build on a nucleus of first-party data and win themselves.

Matt Barash joins our host, Cory Davis, to discuss his role and experience at Zeotap. Matt is the SVP Global Publishing + Platform Partnerships at Zeotap, where he oversees all global commercial relationships with publishers and automated advertising, data, and marketing technology partners. Matt has 20+ years of experience in the space and has held leadership positions at Opera/AdColony, Forbes, and News Corp.

In this episode of the Identity Revolution podcast, you’ll get to hear Matt’s insights about some burning topics in the industry. How can we leverage customer data without the risk of privacy invasion? Do walled gardens represent a threat to the AdTech space? And what does the future hold for media publishing?

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Episode 11 –
Discussing the Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Behavior and Retail With Heidi Bailey of The Integer Group

What does the future look like for Retail? Is traditional in-store shopping a thing of the past? According to Heidi Bailey, VP, Futures & AI at The Integer Group, people still want to visit stores. Of course, there have been shifts in consumer behavior business owners should not neglect, but embrace.

In Infutor’s Identity Revolution episode, our host Fred Pfeiffer and guest Heidi Bailey discuss how COVID has given a new meaning to digital connections. People have embraced the advantages of the online world, but once things go back to normal, even those who were not fans of shopping will want that physical experience.

Interlocutors also talk about the importance of the data in the advertising industry. Our guest believes that brands, not agencies, should store consumer data. They also mention the future of data: once the changes to digital identifiers take hold, new products, techniques, and solutions will come into view, bringing with them new opportunities for innovation in marketing and advertising.

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Episode 10 –
Discussing the World of Data Without Third-Party Cookies With Nick Jordan of Narrative I/O

It’s the end of the third-party cookie as we know it. Undoubtedly, Google is priming new strategies including the launch of FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). But what is FLoC exactly, and how does it stack up to third-party cookies? Today’s guest has some answers.

Nick Jordan is the Founder of Narrative I/O, a data streaming platform that simplifies the buying and selling of information by eliminating the inefficiencies in data transactions. Their goal is to fuel cutting-edge data strategies, monetize valuable data assets, and power innovation and growth. With a background in computer science and broad experience in product management, Nick worked for some of the world’s largest technology companies, Adobe and Yahoo.

“One of my superpowers has always been able to sort of bridge between the business and the technology side. And I think as you think of data, as a subset of technology, that’s become incredibly important to my career path,” says our guest.

In this episode of the Identity Revolution podcast, our host Cory Davis and guest Nick Jordan talk about the post-cookie era, the future of data collection, and Google’s new technology advancements.

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