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Episode 29 –
Using Data to Drive the Success of Your Business with Viva Chu of Good Boy Studios

Digital transformation is not a new concept anymore, and many organizations are embracing the digital age to connect with their audiences by incorporating the newest technologies into their business processes and jumping on board the latest trends.

But without data, every strategy is just a shot in the dark; as our guest today puts it, your data is the key to your company’s success.

In this episode of the Identity Revolution podcast, Infutor host Fred Pfeiffer welcomes Viva Chu, the Co-Founder and CEO of Good Boy Studios. They chat about the importance of first-party data, why data is at the heart of every organization, and the latest trends in data science.

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Episode 28 –
Using Retail Media Ads to Optimize the User Experience With Allysun Lundy of Publicis Commerce

Retail media networks are growing in popularity, and retail giants like Amazon and Walmart are leading the way in the newest retail media trends.

But how can brands leverage retail media advertising to tap into user data and optimize their campaigns?

In this episode of the Identity Revolution podcast, Infutor’s host Cory Davis welcomes Allysun Lundy, the VP of Retail Media Strategy at Publicis. They talk about the future of retail media, how to spend effectively on ads, and what makes retail media ads so impactful.

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Episode 27 –
Balancing Data Privacy with the Optimal Customer Experience with Anthony Katsur of IAB Tech Lab

The modern era and digitalization have caused many issues around user data and privacy. And although users never seem to give consent for collecting and then selling their data, why do they tend to see so many ads tailored specifically for them?

Advertisers and companies claim that user data helps them offer a better customer experience. But the truth is, it opens the door to many questions concerning internet privacy, and users don’t feel confident giving out their information to third parties. At the end of the day, we’re obliged to accept the cookies on each website we visit, and no one reads the fine print on pop-ups.

In the newest episode of Infutor’s Identity Revolution podcast, Cory Davis welcomes Anthony Katsur, Chief Executive Officer of IAB Tech Lab. During their discussion, they get into concerns around user data and privacy online, balancing privacy and customer experience, the benefits of an ad-supported internet, and the future of data businesses.

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Episode 26 –
Providing Personalized, Relevant Experiences with Ian Dewar of VF Corporation

With the arrival of information technology, it’s become more crucial than ever for companies to understand their customers and provide personalized shopping experiences, and that’s where user data comes into play.

But personalization goes beyond simply using your customer’s name in an email or following up on their purchases.

In this episode of the Identity Revolution podcast, Infutor’s host Eric Gastevich welcomes Ian Dewar, the Global Director of Consumer Analytics at VF Corporation. They discuss what personalization is all about, how customer information can help drive brand loyalty, and how to use data to understand your customers better.

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Episode 25 –
Identity Revolution 2021 and What to Look for in the Year Ahead

For Identity Revolution’s 25th episode and to kick off a new year, we wanted to take a look back at an amazing roster of guests we have already had the privilege to speak with. We sought to find the leaders helping set the pace of innovation on all things marketing, analytics, and identity.

And we definitely got off to a great start! From a wide variety of backgrounds and industries, listen to the amazing insights that these individuals provide.

In this episode of Identity Revolution, we rolled up a small selection of the many great moments from the previous year. Join some of the leaders with our host, Cory Davis, as we learn about the trends that are taking shape and how they will affect us moving forward.

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