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Drive Higher Conversions and Find Lookalike Audiences with Infutor’s Auto Data

With more consumers performing their research online before stepping foot into a dealership, competition among dealers in the auto market continues to grow.

Infutor’s Automotive Marketplace empowers marketers to separate from the pack by building highly targeted audiences with customizable criteria based on their specific needs. With our automotive data solutions, marketers can create custom and lookalike audiences of their best-performing consumers to drive ROI and conversions.

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Unmatched Auto Data

Infutor’s Automotive Marketplace is built from our massive TrueSource™ Identity Graph, powerful auto ownership and vehicle attribute data that is permissibly obtained and multi-sourced. Automotive Marketplace algorithmically identifies prospects based on current auto data and historical vehicle ownership information.

This consumer intelligence is your key to better segmentation and omnichannel acquisition campaigns based on attributes such as VIN, vehicle make, model, year, and more.

Shift your automotive marketing tactics into high gear with targeted omnichannel campaigns powered by Infutor’s Auto Data Marketplace

Reach High-Propensity In-Market Consumers

In addition to our industry leading automotive data, Infutor also offers five unique auto in-market indicators. Identify in-market United States consumers who are likely ready for a trade-in, customize your marketing efforts, and launch digital conquest campaigns featuring real-time personalized offers and incentives.

Auto In-Market Indicators include:

  • In-Market for a New Vehicle
  • In-Market for a Used Vehicle
  • In-Market for Auto Finance
  • In-Market for Auto Insurance
  • In-Market for Auto Parts and Service

Increase brand engagement with consistent, relevant messaging across all marketing channels.

Infutor’s automotive data marketplace puts your marketing team in the driver’s seat


Jonathon R. Smith


122 W Main St.
Chicago, IL 60617


(312) 555-5248


(312) 555-1986

Email 1:

Email 2:





Household Income:

$100 – $125K




Yes, less than 3



Assessed Home Value:


Length of Residence:

6 Years

Primary Auto:

2015 Ford Mustang

Secondary Auto:

2012 Acura MDX

InMarket – New Auto:

Yes (90)

+ Many More pieces of identity

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ReachSmart Digital ID

Expand your Marketplace audience with Infutor’s ReachSmart Digital ID. Through our Automotive Marketplace, ReachSmart Digital ID will include up to 10 email addresses per consumer identity, so you realize maximum match potential for your social media and programmatic marketing campaigns.

The more email addresses you have per consumer, the greater your ability to reach more of your premium audiences. Immediately deploy new campaigns across social and digital channels without wasting money on unqualified leads.

Automotive Marketplace Advantages

  • Target known automotive owners and lookalikes by VIN, make, model, and year through multiple channels including email, digital, social and direct marketing campaigns
  • Target high-propensity automotive shoppers with our elite in-market predictive indicators (non-browser) built from known historical purchase data and several key online and offline behavioral indicators
  • Build powerful personas and profiles of high-value consumers to create elite, high-touch prospect segments
  • Update and maintain DMS data to improve automotive industry marketing, retention, and cross-sell programs
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Automotive agency case study

Case Study: Auto Data Fuels Accurate Targeting of High-Propensity Shoppers

An automotive agency specializing in building data-driven programs to execute omnichannel marketing campaigns was looking to optimize their automotive targeting capabilities. The agency was looking to improve their solution offerings to clients to enable them to effectively target automotive consumers who are in the market for a new vehicle. See how Infutor’s auto data helped the agency to expand their automotive service offering for current and new clients.

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Power your marketing reach and find lookalike consumers with Infutor’s Automotive Data Solutions

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