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TCPA Compliance, Simplified

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 prohibited autodialing non-emergency robocalls without consumer consent. Major changes in 2013 and 2015 added new complexities in the identification of wireless phones and users.

Today, businesses that fail to properly identify phone owners, right party verification, phone types and consent status in their databases invite staggering penalties: Violation fines range from $500 to $1,500 per incident. Several high-profile organizations have spent tens of millions of dollars on settlements.

Infutor’s TCPA Premium makes compliance easy by supplying you with real-time intelligence on potential risks and violations.










According to WebRecon LLC, the number of new TCPA cases filed has increased more than 580% in the last five years. 4,860 new TCPA lawsuits were filed in 2016 alone, 31.8% increase from 2015.

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Industry-Leading TCPA Compliance Data

Our TCPA compliance solution compares your data to our expansive Identity Graph — composed of authoritative telephone network data — for up-to-the-minute validation of name, phone number, phone type and consent date.

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With real-time access to local number portability data, we can verify any reassignments of wireless phones since their original consent date. On-demand access to carrier sources enables our accurate verification of phone owner names.

Every day, 100,000 phone numbers are reassigned

Easy Integration and Maintenance

Choose the delivery method that best suits your goals:

  • On-demand API or batch transactions
  • Perpetual full-file monitoring

Our first-of-its-kind TCPA monitoring solution continuously scans your entire CRM file to identify changes to consumer records and inform you on an ongoing basis—ensuring you mitigate TCPA compliance risks before your business calls or texts consumers.

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Mobile: —-
Landline: (555) 555-7412

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Mobile: (555) 555-8523
Landline: (555) 555-3698

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Mobile: (555) 555-5647
Landline: (555) 555-7643

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Mobile: (555) 555-3574
Landline: (555) 555-7412

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Mobile: (555) 555-8525
Landline: (555) 555-3698

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Mobile: (555) 555-5647
Mobile: (555) 555-4321

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Bonus Data for Smarter Marketing

Your TCPA compliance data comes with a wealth of actionable attribute data to segment your consumers and refine in-moment personalization strategies. Attributes include:

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Lifestyle and

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Buying Behavior
and Power

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Home and Vehicle Details

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Phone Ownership

Learn how to mitigate risk and maintain TCPA compliance

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