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Partners  –  Press Releases

Mobile Marketing Leader Vibes Integrates ID Max to Help Brands Personalize Engagement

Infutor’s robust identity graph helps mobile marketing leader’s brands enhance audience data and market segmentation.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Statista Taps Infutor to Enrich Its Facts Database with Trusted Consumer Identity Data

The identity resolution leader boosts Statista users’ access to deterministic consumer data for more informed fact-based decisions.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Upjohn Institute Partners with Infutor to Support Economics Research

Using Infutor’s historical residential and consumer data, Upjohn Institute revealed through their recently released study the effect of new housing on regional housing affordability.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Infutor Consumer Property Data Selected by Penn State University Administrative Data Accelerator

Penn State University Administrative Data Accelerator leveraged Infutor’s historical property and real estate data to support research that informs policy and improves lives.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Infutor Property Data Studied by the University of Notre Dame’s Research Center

Infutor’s robust and historical residential and consumer data provided foundational support for the University of Notre Dame’s housing stability research.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Live Marketing Selects Infutor to Enhance Dealer-Focused Auto Leads Solution

Live Marketing partners with Infutor to understand where auto shoppers are in their path to purchase and to help dealers instantly identify, engage and convert more consumers.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Martech Disrupters Flock to Infutor’s Consumer Identity Solutions

Martech providers Faraday, Invoca and MQ&C Advertising partner with Infutor to help deliver increased insights and lead conversions for their clients.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Highly Qualified Audience Data Boosts Tru Measure’s Call Tracking Services

Tru Measure introduces integration of Infutor’s robust consumer identity data to instantly deliver complete and enhanced leads to their clients, helping them identify inbound callers.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Home Professionals Taps Infutor for Increased Consumer Intelligence Insights

Infutor’s ID Max solution helps Home Professionals enhance their inbound initiatives, reduce online form fill friction and abandonment as well as enable identity completion of interested home owners.

Partners  –  Press Releases

Information Services and Telecom Leaders Tackle TCPA Compliance

Infutor and iconectiv team up to make it easier for organizations to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.


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