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Anonymized Digital Identity Data to Drive Identity Resolution, Maximize Scale, and Extend Digital Reach

Programmatic mobile ad spending is at an all time high and is only expected to grow. And of the tens of billions spent on mobile ads, a staggering 97% are delivered in-app as consumers spend a vast majority of their smartphone time utilizing apps.

In a climate of declining dependence on cookie data by marketers, this upward trend shows no signs of slowing

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Marketers Turn to Online Identity Data

Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs), hashed email address, and IP address identity markers, which serve as anonymous identifiers that protect consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII), have risen as alternative avenues of reaching digital consumers. Digital marketers are leveraging these digital identities by turning to new solutions that empower them to create successful omnichannel marketing campaigns in the growing mobile space.

To help drive these efforts, Infutor now offers its Total Mobile Ad IDs file as an on-premise solution to digital marketers seeking to achieve higher conversion rates and ROI with mobile advertising.

Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad IDs solution provides the MAIDs and hashed email pairs to fuel strategies across digital marketing channels

Create Powerful Omnichannel Digital Engagements

Based on Infutor’s unparalleled TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph, the Total Mobile Ad IDs solution links roughly 1 billion privacy-compliant and permissibly obtained hashed email identities with 495+ million digital devices and over 3.5 billion MAID/hashed email pairs. Each of these pairs also provides the observed IP address that was deterministically linked to that hashed email on that device.

This robust database of MAID / hashed email (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256) / IP address pairings will power your omnichannel marketing, improve onboarding, and enable you to resolve digital consumer identities and reach your maximum audience while keeping consumers’ PII secure.

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Our solution enables you to:

  • Achieve digital identity resolution and cross-device resolution by identifying all of the digital devices in a household and create consistent omnichannel messaging.
  • Extend reach by using digital identities (hashed emails, IP addresses, or MAIDs) to target consumers on all mobile devices, while maintaining control over first-party PII.
  • Link anonymous digital identities to your first-party CRM data to enable audience segmentation and personalized messaging as well as improve onboarding rates for digital and programmatic targeting.

The Advantage of Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad IDs Solution

Infutor’s Mobile Ad ID, hashed email, and observed IP address database undergoes intense cleansing, verification and linking processes, empowering marketers to turn disparate data into resolved digital consumer identities to vastly improve digital marketing scale. This is why marketers turn to Infutor’s online digital and mobile data to power their solutions:

  • Infutor’s industry-leading TrueSource™ Digital Device Graph contains 495+ million digital devices and over 3.5 billion validated Mobile Ad ID/hashed email pairs along with the deterministic observed IP address for each pair
  • Data is rigorously cleansed and obtained from permission-based applications from multiple highly trusted sources, ensuring the highest quantity and quality of digital data
  • Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad IDs solution is hosted on-site, putting limitless analytics and data science possibilities at your team’s fingertips — at every moment
  • Confidence score (1-5) that leverages a proprietary developed algorithm using factors such as frequency and recency of the MAID / hash / IP address pairings being observed together, in addition to syntax and other validations
  • Delivery is available monthly, monthly with weekly updates, or quarterly to ensure you keep up with the rate of consumer digital data changes
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Learn how Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad IDs drive anonymous digital identity resolution while keeping PII secure

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