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Thousands of data attributes, pre-joined to points of interest

SafeGraph is a global geospatial data company that offers any data on any place in the world. SafeGraph specializes in providing the most accurate point of interest (POI) and foot traffic data on the market. Organizations trust SafeGraph data to drive their business forward.

SafeGraph Shop gives marketers and data scientists access to the best cross section of property data assets, making it easier than ever to find the exact data they need while having confidence in its accuracy. SafeGraph enables easy and reliable access to Infutor’s comprehensive property data, a critical component to geospatial mapping, urban planning, and prospecting borrowers.

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Why SafeGraph:

  • Data Pipeline to marketing channels
  • Fully managed Data Warehouse
  • Automated reporting templates
  • Dashboards allowing interactive data sharing
  • Monitoring of campaigns
  • Enterprise-level scalability and security

Available Infutor + SafeGraph Datasets

Total Property Profiles + Placekeys

  • Coverage of 99% of U.S. properties in over 3,000 counties.
  • Up to 200 property attributes per record combined with owner insights.
  • Easier linking to your database through standard identifiers added for physical places.

Core Places + Total Property Profiles

  • Points of interest (POIs) where people spend time or money.
  • Base POI information such as location name, address, category, and brand association.
  • Includes permanently closed POIs.

Geometries + Total Property Profiles

  • Building footprint polygons for all POI within the SafeGraph Core Places dataset.
  • Data includes spatial hierarchy metadata depicting when child polygons are contained by parents or when two tenants share the same polygon.

Patterns + Total Property Profiles

  • Place traffic and demographic aggregations from anonymous mobile devices.
  • Can help answer: how often people visit, how long they stay, where they came from, where else they go, and more.

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