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Statista Taps Infutor to Enrich Its Facts Database with Trusted Consumer Identity Data

News & Events

With the addition of Infutor’s consumer data to Statista’s facts database, over 1.5 million registered users will gain access to a more complete consumer dataset for more informed business decisions.

Infutor’s Grace Kingston Discusses Benefits of Partnership with Equifax

News & Events

Kingston talks about Infutor’s partnership with Equifax and how improving identity validation and match rates through trusted, authoritative data sets provides even more value to the information solutions company’s customers.

Using MAIDs to Solve Cookie and Privacy Regulation Challenges

News & Events

Gary Walter discusses the decline of cookies and how marketers are turning to MAIDs and identity resolution platforms as reliable, data-driven solutions to reach potential and recurring customers with personalized messages.

Infutor Announces Acquisition of Dunn Data Company

News & Events

With the acquisition of Dunn Data, Infutor enhances consumer identity, demographic, lifestyle, and affinity attribute data within its TruthSet Identity Graph.

Infutor Enhances Consumer Intelligence Trifecta of Identities, Attributes and Insights with Dunn Data Company Acquisition

News & Events

The consumer identity management experts acquire Dunn Data Company, a New York-based marketing intelligence provider specializing in consumer identity, demographic, lifestyle, and affinity attribute solutions.

Discussing Digital Onboarding, Digital Crosswalk and Digital Personalization

News & Events

Infutor’s TruthSet Digital Device Graph and Digital Suite focuses on solving challenges facing the programmatic market such as targeting and privacy.

Working at Infutor: Chasing Big Goals

News & Events

VP of Marketing Michelle Tilton and HR Director Jessica Guffey discuss Infutor’s company culture and values including the importance of work-life balance and career growth.

The Secrets to Identity Resolution Success


This whitepaper explores how top brands are resolving identity and personalizing engagements during the key moments in the customer journey.

Using Consumer Data to Shape Relationship Intelligence

News & Events

Michelle Tilton shares insights on the role identity data has in building relationship intelligence and how this new concept can help businesses make more informed decisions.

Data-Driven Methods to Use for Identity Resolution and Segmentation


Listen to Infutor’s Director of Solutions Engineering, Matt Hussey, and Chief Technology Officer, John Barnes, as they discuss using identity resolution and segmentation to help you gain a better understanding of your customers.

Infutor Delivers Enhanced Marketing Applications with Launch of Digital Suite of Solutions

News & Events

Infutor’s Digital Suite of Solutions enhances marketing applications including crosswalk, onboarding and segmentation and personalization strategies.

Keys to Building Loyal Lifetime Customers

News & Events

Vice President of Marketing, Michelle Tilton, shares customer journey optimization insights to help brands reduce customer churn and increase lifetime customer values.