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Home Professionals Taps Infutor for Increased Consumer Intelligence Insights

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Infutor’s ID Max solution helps Home Professionals enhance their inbound initiatives, reduce online form fill friction and abandonment as well as enable identity completion of interested home owners.

Data Appending 101 and 16 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider


Learn what you need to know about data appending, taking the information you have and turning it into so much more, and key questions to ask your data provider.

Infutor’s New Hire Featured in Built In Article

News & Events

Asif Ahmed, VP of Analytics, appointed to ramp up Infutor’s data-driven strategy to enhance the company’s consumer identities, attributes and intelligence.

Infutor Names Asif Ahmed VP of Analytics

News & Events

Infutor welcomes Asif Ahmed, VP of Analytics, to strengthen the company’s analytics strategy and accelerate the development of solutions.

Achieving Identity Resolution: How to Manage Your Own Identity Graph


Jim Caccia and Cory Davis address the most important decisions you need to make to manage a successful Identity Graph.

Succeeding with AI, Your Foundation Must Be Anything but Artificial


The big thing in marketing still needs accurate identity data. Artificial Intelligence – AI – is everywhere because it significantly advances the potential of automated marketing.

5 Use Cases of How Marketers Leverage Email Identity Markers


Learn how marketers complete and enhance consumer records with emails to scale campaigns and improve overall business strategies.

Infutor Celebrates Impressive First Half of 2018

News & Events

With an increase in industry demand and continued product innovations, Infutor saw a 20+ percent revenue growth in first half of 2018.

Infutor Releases Solution to Increase Digital Match Rates

News & Events

Mary Jo Yafchak provides insight into how ReachSmart Digital ID helps marketers target specific consumers across social campaigns.

Infutor Leader Offers Advice For Others Getting Started in Tech

News & Events

Mary Jo Yafchack gives advice to women aspiring to enter the tech field and shares how Infutor promotes diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Infutor Launches ReachSmart Digital ID Audience Targeting

News & Events

Infutor’s newest solution increases digital identity match rates, enabling marketers to improve sales and maximize digital ROI.

Infutor Recognized as a Game Changer in the Tech Scene

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Infutor is named one of the top thirteen Chicago tech companies, changing the way brands connect with their customers.