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Episode 10 – The Art of Improvisation in Business with Kelly Leonard

What does improv have to do with best practices in business? A lot, actually. Host Tim Finnigan speaks with Kelly Leonard, Vice President of Creative Strategy, Innovation, & Business Development at The Second City. Kelly shares his thoughts o...


Episode 9 – How to Lead Through Challenging Times with Tim Fagan, SVP & Chief Revenue Officer at TEGNA

What's the future of broadcast TV? Can it compete with online options? In this episode of The Marketing Rapport, Tim Fagan, SVP & Chief Revenue Officer at TEGNA Inc., debunks some of the myths about the demise of broadcast TV. Tim and our hos...


Episode 8 – Andrew Criezis of NielsenIQ: Learning How to Strike a Balance Between Personalization & Privacy

Andrew and our host Tim Finnigan discuss the importance of balancing personalization and privacy, the growth of omnichannel sales, and what trends and challenges are impacting brands that seek out the expertise of NielsenIQ.


Episode 7 – Seeking Out Partners Who Align With Your Business with Kelly Barrett, SVP of Product Management at Comscore

The tech industry is constantly changing, and it’s vital to always stay curious and ask the right questions. But above all, you need to seek out the right partners because you can’t have all the answers. In this episode of The Marketing Rapport...


Episode 6 – Protecting the Email Inbox with Keith Petri, CEO & Founder of lockr

Email is used for many different purposes, including contacting friends, communicating with professors and supervisors, requesting information, and applying for jobs, internships, and scholarships. It is also used for marketing and is a popular to...


Episode 5 – How to Meet Customer Expectations With Bob Armour, CMO of M1 Finance

Sales and marketing are the key pillars of any business. While marketing is about building awareness of the brand, sales turns that audience into profit by converting potential customers into actual customers. But in order to generate revenue f...


Episode 4 – Using Value Exchange to Form Lasting Relationships With Customers with Mike Scafidi of Digitas

In the past few years, technology has changed the way we communicate and conduct business, the way we shop, and how we live and work. And today, a business that doesn’t involve technology like video conferencing and various applications for projec...


2023 Brings Change and Opportunity for the Data-Driven Marketer

Against the backdrop of economic uncertainties, a story unfolds of heightened expectations, emerging tech, evolving customer journeys and how the right data makes all the difference.


Episode 3 – How to Define the Unified Customer Profile with Barry Padgett of Amperity

The unified customer profile is a critical element of modern-day operations as it lets companies get a 360° view of customers. However, only some companies know how to manage it. Therefore, businesses of all sizes need to find the best model to ap...


Episode 2 – How to Deal With Data Privacy Regulations When Operating Globally With Todd Rose of InMobi

If we look at the modern-day business world, the more demanding the role is, the fancier and shorter the title is. But it's different in the case of Todd Rose of InMobi. Therefore, we asked him to join us on this episode of The Marketing Rapport a...


Episode 1 – Introducing The Marketing Rapport with Matt Lohman, Managing Director of Verisk Marketing Solutions

Matt Lohman is the Managing Director at Verisk Marketing Solutions, a business unit of Verisk formed by merging Jornaya, Infutor, and Contact State. He is also the guest on the first episode of The Marketing Rapport podcast. Matt and our host Z...


Verisk Marketing Solutions Recognized as a Leader in Snowflake’s Modern Marketing Data Stack Report

Snowflake’s report explores several categories and how they power the Modern Marketing Data Stack, highlighting technology partners and their solutions as “leaders” or “ones to watch” within each category.

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