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When and How Marketing Became MarTech and a Subspecialty of Data Science? With Marty Kihn of Salesforce

Marty Kihn, the SVP Strategy Marketing Cloud at Salesforce, discusses the changes in the marketing field over the last 20 years and the role of AI and machine learning in the MarTech field.


Episode 24 – Discussing the Key Changes and Emerging Trends in Marketing with Marty Kihn of Salesforce

Marketing has always had one purpose — promote a brand and attract more customers. And although that goal has remained the same, the marketing approach has significantly changed over the last 20 years. Earlier, marketers used to be obsessed with c...


Roundup: 2022 Predictions on CTV/OTT and Adtech

Our own Todd Schoenherr, VP of Strategy, discusses how brands’ first-party data asset investments will start delivering new value in 2022.

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Episode 23 – How to Offer a Great Customer Experience in an Increasingly Data-Driven World With Tom C...

No matter the market or industry, everything revolves around consumer data. And if you want to yield better results for your business, you’ll need data at the foundation. But consumers are more aware than ever of the value and power of their pe...


One Last Holiday Push With Infutor’s “Truthset Scored” Segments

Infutor and Truthset are excited to announce the release of Infutor’s “Truthset Scored” segments, including Presence of Children, a first for “Truthset Scored” segments.

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Infutor Adds Onboarding & Crosswalk Capability for Connected TV Covering 150 Million Consumers Nationwide

Infutor introduces IP Intelligence providing resting IP addresses linked to scored demographics on anonymous US consumers, enhancing digital identity resolution, extending marketing reach and helping activate CTV ad campaigns.

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Episode 22 – Achieving Exponential Growth by Staying Customer-Centric with Tony Newcome of ActiveCamp...

Providing excellent customer experience and meeting clients' needs is the number one priority for every reputable company aiming to grow. But what's the formula for seamless customer experience? First, you need to be where your customers are an...


Infutor and Jornaya Officially Support the Lead Generation World Lead Buyer Scholarship Program

Infutor and Jornaya have committed to ensuring that lead buyers have the opportunity to attend one of the leading performance marketing conferences in the world by monetarily supporting the Lead Buyer Scholarship program.

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How to Turn Your Passion Into Career With Julian Zilberbrand of ViacomCBS

Every job is a learning opportunity. Even if you are not earning enough, the experience you’ll gain will pay off eventually. Dreams come true, and even if it’s hard to believe, you can earn money and be in love with...


Episode 21 – How to Follow Your Passion and Create Your Dream Job With Julian Zilberbrand of ViacomCBS

A prerequisite for a happy life is a clear line between personal and professional life. But what if you love your job so much and you can't help but blur the line? If that's so, follow your passion. Be open to learning and listening. There migh...


Conquering the Complexities of Identity Resolution

Companies accustomed to building campaigns around first-party data find themselves with more missing pieces and fewer insights. A situation growing more challenging with the changing identity landscape.


Infutor Partners with HealthWise Data to Extend Health & Wellness Propensities to Total Consumer Insights

Infutor partnered with HealthWise Data, a data and analytics firm specializing in the healthcare industry, to make health and wellness propensities available via Infutor’s award-winning Total Consumer Insights solution.

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