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How Brands Can Adapt to Consumers Regaining Control of Their Data

Infutor CEO shares his advice on how brands can offer compliant opt-out strategies to help put the power of a consumer’s marketing identity back with the user.

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Using Infutor to Make the Transition to a Cookieless World

Infutor launches CRM FreshLink to help marketers maintain, correct, enhance, and link their first-party CRM data.

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CRM FreshLink Helps Brands Prepare for Cookieless Future

Infutor has introduced a new tool to help companies link their first-party CRM data and achieve identity resolution in preparation for cookieless marketing.

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CRM FreshLink Resolves Inaccurate First-Party Data, Maximizes Marketing ROI

To help marketers maximize the value of their first-party data, Infutor has introduced CRM FreshLink, a data as a service offering to help marketers maintain, correct, enhance, and link their first-party CRM data.

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How Marketers Can Reach Consumers in a Post-Cookie Environment

Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad IDs solution is an essential way to help marketers fill the post-cookie identity gap by matching anonymous, non-PII mobile advertising IDs with hashed email addresses.

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Identity: The Constant During the CDP Evolution

To keep pace with competition, your CDP must unlock the power of brands’ first-party data and deliver the third-party consumer data that fills in the gaps.


SRAX Boosts BIGtoken’s Permission-Based Data Marketplace with Connex Audience Clusters

Digital marketing and consumer data management technology company SRAX is using Infutor’s Connex Audience Clusters’ analytics-driven segmentation data to extend brand marketer reach on its BIGtoken platform.

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Identity in a Post-Cookie World

Listen to Infutor’s Chief Technology Officer, John Barnes, and Vice President of Product, Brian Burke, as they discuss the value of acquiring and blending offline insights with digital identities to help drive omnichannel success.


Five Things to Look for in a Data Analytics Partner

With data being the fuel that helps analytics teams anticipate consumer behaviors, Infutor discusses what to look for in a third-party data provider to ensure brands are making the best decision for their data science initiatives.

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Complementics Fuels Its Mobile Audience Network with Infutor Enriched Automotive Data

Infutor’s enriched Automotive Profile Data enhances Complementics mobile audience network to help empower brands and media agencies with rich, deterministically-linked auto and attribute data.

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Infutor CEO Talks About Data Accuracy in Recent Forbes Article

As part of Forbes Technology Council, Infutor’s CEO, Gary Walter, talks data accuracy in their recent article “14 Strategies For Making Productive Use Of Consumer Data”

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Narrative Partners with Infutor to Expand its Marketplace

Infutor’s Total Mobile Ad ID solution will help Narrative’s marketplace clients extend their reach by providing them with access to 350 million digital devices and 2 billion MAID/hashed email pairs.

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