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2018 Marketing Tech Trends Using Customer Data

Infutor’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Dague, discusses up-and-coming marketing tech trends and Infutor’s influence in the market.

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Top Trends Impacting Auto Dealers In Meaningful Ways

Infutor spotlights growing industry trends such as predictive modeling and data security for auto dealers to consider in 2018.

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Five Identity Management Trends Affecting the Auto Industry

Infutor provides the auto industry with the top five consumer identity trends of 2018 that could potentially provide the most impact.

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Align Your Data Protection Plan With Your User Experience

Infutor’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dave Dague, provides insight into the importance of a customer-centric data protection policy.

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Infutor’s Auto Solution Recognized As Innovative Technology

Infutor acknowledged in MarTech Today as a new predictive technology that is making a big impact in the martech industry.

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Information Services and Telecom Leaders Tackle TCPA Compliance

Infutor and iconectiv team up to make it easier for organizations to comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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Your Brand May Not Have An Identity Crisis, But Your Leads Probably Do

Infutor’s most recent infographic offers insight into how inaccurate customer data is causing your brand to have an identity crisis.


The Inbound Omnichannel Dilemma

Our latest whitepaper provides three critical consumer identity best practices to help improve inbound omnichannel interaction.


Avoid an Identity Crisis With Three Best Practices

Infutor’s Dave Dague explores on how the proliferation of digital identities has created a consumer identity crisis for many brands.

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Infutor Launches Predictive Industry-Focused Marketplace

Infutor launches Auto In-Market, a propensity marketplace of consumers interested in purchasing cars and automobile related services.

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Infutor Introduces Predictive Intelligence For Auto Market

MediaPost explores the features of Infutor’s latest product launch, Auto In-Market, a predictive targeting product for auto marketers.

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Infutor Launches Predictive Automotive Marketplace

MarTech Today and VP of Product Development, Mary Jo Yafchak, discuss Infutor’s latest product launch, Auto In-Market.

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