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ID Max: How You Can Instantly Identify Inbound Leads

Sell Sheets

Learn how Infutor’s data-driven solution, ID Max, verifies and completes partial or missing consumer information.

Interview with Infutor’s CTO on The Sean and Thomas Show

News & Events

In this recent podcast, John Barnes talks about his journey in the industry and offers insight into life as a tech leader.

A Marketer’s Guide to Identity Resolution Platforms

News & Events

Infutor is featured in MarTech Today’s Enterprise Identity Resolution report, which highlights the leading players in the identity resolution space and offers recommended steps for evaluating a potential provider.

Looking Past the Numbers When Evaluating Data

Tip Sheets

Marketers and data science professionals will gain the knowledge needed when working with a data partner to understand the actual content, context and use of the data being evaluated.

Identity Resolution and Analytics Driven Segmentation in One Solution

News & Events

The combination of Infutor’s ID Suite and Ruf’s Connex Audience Clusters enable marketers to identify brand’s most profitable customers based on unique key performance indicators.

Connex Audience Clusters Added to ID Suite for Accurate Targeting

News & Events

By combining identity resolution and cluster analytics, Infutor’s ID Suite enables marketers to identify inbound consumers and immediately engage with them across channels.

Infutor’s ID Suite Enhanced with the Integration of Ruf Connex Clusters

News & Events

Infutor incorporates Ruf’s Connex Audience Clusters into its ID Suite to enable a single solution for real-time identity resolution and analytics-driven segmentation.

Ruf Connex Audience Clusters Added to Infutor’s ID Suite Solution

News & Events

Integrating Connex consumer behavior and lifestyle analytics to Infutor’s ID Suite helps businesses accurately identify and engage their most promising audiences.

Infutor Enhances its ID Suite with Ruf Connex Audience Clusters

News & Events

Infutor adds Ruf Strategic Solutions’ Connex Audience Clusters to its ID Suite solution, enabling marketers to identify groups of their most profitable customers and prospects.

The Lead Generator’s Guide to Identity Verification and Completion


Gain an understanding on how identity resolution processes enable businesses to reach top prospects faster and drive more conversions.

Predictions for Personalizing Customer Experiences in 2019

News & Events

Infutor’s CEO, Gary Walter, offers insight into how businesses will use identities and associated attributes in 2019 as the foundation for personalizing the customer’s journey.

Robust Auto Data Helps Live Marketing Improve Segmentation and Personalization

News & Events

Live Marketing selects Infutor to help their clients recapture and retarget in-market auto consumers on demand.