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Infutor Acquires Ruf Strategic Solutions

News & Events

Infutor integrates Ruf Strategic Solutions’ extensive suite of consumer analytics to enrich its consumer identity management product offerings and accelerate delivery of analytics and segmentation.

Home Professionals Partners with Infutor for Consumer Identity and Intelligence Insights

Case Studies

Using Infutor’s ID Max solution, Home Professionals has seen a 214% increase in completed form submissions and has been able to provide higher quality, relevant lead information to their service professionals.

MQ&C Uses Infutor’s Identity Graph to Accurately Identify Incoming Leads

Case Studies

Learn how MQ&C Advertising strengthened their consumer identity data and saw a 20 percent lift in conversion rates by partnering with Infutor.

Infutor Named in MKTGinsight’s ID Resolution Report

News & Events

Infutor’s Dave Dague discusses how identity resolution is not a solution to a one-time problem, but rather an on-going process for brands to reevaluate and update consumer profiles for better segmentation and targeting.

Using an Identity Graph as a Source of Truth

News & Events

Infutor’s CMO, Dave Dague, discusses how data changes and omnichannel interactions among US consumers is driving marketers’ need for an identity graph or source of truth.

How Consumer Identity Data is Key to Accurate Marketing Attribution

News & Events

Infutor’s Director of Marketing, Michelle Tilton, discusses how marketers can use consumer identity data to reveal a clearer customer profile and buying path by linking identity elements, such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Keys to an Effective Data Evaluation

Tip Sheets

In part one of a three-part data evaluation series, Infutor shares guidelines that will help you perform a successful data evaluation when choosing a provider for your business.

How Data and Analytics can Drive Growth for Mid-Market Enterprises


Infutor’s Asif Ahmed and Mark Janz discuss how to leverage data to drive analytics-based decisioning and whether to implement a data science practice internally or choose a partner.

Martech Disrupters Flock to Infutor’s Consumer Identity Solutions

News & Events

Martech providers Faraday, Invoca and MQ&C Advertising partner with Infutor to help deliver increased insights and lead conversions for their clients.

Why Validation is Key to Successful Email Marketing


Email remains a core part of the marketing mix. With brands sending more email than ever, relying on the channel to develop and maintain relationships as well as drive sales, it’s critical to maintain a strong sender reputation.

How Marketers Can Use Email as an Identity Marker

News & Events

Gary Walter’s recent article on how businesses can use email addresses to identify and better target their audience is highlighted in MediaPost.

Leveraging Email Address to Achieve Meaningful Personalization

News & Events

Infutor’s CEO, Gary Walter, gives his take on the value of email in your consumer identity management strategy and how it can help you achieve personalization.