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Martech Disrupters Flock to Infutor’s Consumer Identity Solutions

News & Events

Martech providers Faraday, Invoca and MQ&C Advertising partner with Infutor to help deliver increased insights and lead conversions for their clients.

Why Validation is Key to Successful Email Marketing


Email remains a core part of the marketing mix. With brands sending more email than ever, relying on the channel to develop and maintain relationships as well as drive sales, it’s critical to maintain a strong sender reputation.

How Marketers Can Use Email as an Identity Marker

News & Events

Gary Walter’s recent article on how businesses can use email addresses to identify and better target their audience is highlighted in MediaPost.

Leveraging Email Address to Achieve Meaningful Personalization

News & Events

Infutor’s CEO, Gary Walter, gives his take on the value of email in your consumer identity management strategy and how it can help you achieve personalization.

How to Manage Your Own Identity Graph


Infutor’s latest whitepaper explores what an identity graph is, the development and operational considerations when implementing one and how it can power your marketing.

Verifying the Underbanked Generation


Exploring the potential challenges professionals face when verifying Millennials and how to solve them.

Highly Qualified Audience Data Boosts Tru Measure’s Call Tracking Services

News & Events

Tru Measure introduces integration of Infutor’s robust consumer identity data to instantly deliver complete and enhanced leads to their clients, helping them identify inbound callers.

Make Your Marketing Spend Work Harder: Closing the Loop for Accelerated Performance


Infutor’s CMO Dave Dague and Principal Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo discuss using consumer identity and profile management to create consistent consumer engagements for better marketing performance.

Breaking Down Data Silos


Persistent identification across all channels is key to omnichannel success. With the ever-growing number of ways to engage, it’s a challenge for brands to identify customers, including when and where they were acquired.

Home Professionals Taps Infutor for Increased Consumer Intelligence Insights

News & Events

Infutor’s ID Max solution helps Home Professionals enhance their inbound initiatives, reduce online form fill friction and abandonment as well as enable identity completion of interested home owners.

Data Appending 101 and 16 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider


Learn what you need to know about data appending, taking the information you have and turning it into so much more, and key questions to ask your data provider.

Infutor’s New Hire Featured in Built In Article

News & Events

Asif Ahmed, VP of Analytics, appointed to ramp up Infutor’s data-driven strategy to enhance the company’s consumer identities, attributes and intelligence.