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Episode 20 – How to Create Quality Content for a Captive Audience with Andy Plesser of Beet.TV

Video marketing is a powerful tool. Viewers retain 95% of a video message, but only 10% of what they read. But media professionals can't just throw a video together and expect it to be effective. You still have to provide quality content. To do th...


Infutor’s Award-Winning Total Consumer Insights Now Offers Consumer-Centric Premium Packages

New Datasets Offer Unparalleled 360-Degree Consumer Views to Help Brands Activate their Contact Databases to Drive Online and Offline Segmentation and Predictive Models

Press Releases

Using Predictive Data to Help Patients Get Healthier with Derek Rucker

Co-founder and board member of Carrot Health, Derek Rucker, talks about healthcare, data science, the value of predictive data, and the impact of privacy on Healthcare Marketing.


Episode 19 – Using Predictive Data to Help Patients Get Healthier with Derek Rucker from Carrot Health

You can go to the hospital and see inside your body with different kinds of imagery. Surgery can be performed with pinprick holes and lasers. What used to kill us can now be treated in an afternoon thanks to technology. But somehow, data scien...


For CRM Marketers Who Obsess Over Customer Lifetime Value: Data and Platform Usage Matter

Infutor had the pleasure of attending the recent CRMC tradeshow and presented with Amperity. Here are some of the insights discussed.


238% Growth In Retailer’s Customer Engagement

A Fortune-25 Specialty Retailer wanted to improve the customer experience on their mobile app to know their consumers better, personalize their experience, and proactively recommend products.

Case Studies

Episode 18 – Discussing CRM Strategy with the Denver Broncos’ Analyst Matt Sullivan

While it may be a blow to people who collect ticket stubs, digital tickets are doing more than saving paper. They contribute to an overall better fan experience and generate data that experts like Matt Sullivan, CRM analyst for the Denver Broncos,...


Email Addresses will Stand the Identifier Test of Time

Today, as third-party cookies and device identifiers are driven away by browser changes and privacy laws, the email address remains the most stable and platform-independent identifier.


An Independent Assessor’s Quest for Data Integrity

Scott McKinely, founder and CEO of Truthset, believes the next significant shift in the data landscape is accuracy over scale, and he has set out to establish the industry standard for data accuracy.


Episode 17 – Discussing the Data Integrity with Scott McKinley from Truthset

All data is not created equal, and no one knows it better than Scott McKinley, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Truthset, a data intelligence company that evaluates the validity of consumer data. In Infutor’s latest episode of Identity Re...


Infutor Named One of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies on 2021 Inc. 5000 List

Inc. magazine today revealed that consumer identity management expert Infutor once again ranked for the sixth time on the annual Inc. 5000 list with a 68% 3-year growth rate.

Awards / Recognition  –  Press Releases

Infutor Named “Best Contact Database Solution” 2021 MarTech Breakthrough Awards Program

Infutor's Total Consumer Insights solution has been selected as the winner of the “Best Contact Database Solution” award in the fourth annual MarTech Breakthrough Awards program.

Awards / Recognition  –  Press Releases