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Episode 16 – Discussing the impact of COVID on Lead Generation and the Home Services Space Marketing ...

Whether we’re discussing traditional or digital advertising, data plays a critical role in finding the right customer in the right place at the right time, and closing the loop on measurement and attribution. In the case of home services, the valu...


Get Your [Consumer Data] House in Order with Jess Simpson of Publicis Media

Jess Simpson, Senior VP of Verified Tech and Identity at Publicis Media, shares her predictions regarding the future of consumer data.


Infutor Adds Total Property Profiles Dataset on SafeGraph Shop

Infutor added Total Property Files to the SafeGraph Shop, a company that specializes in providing high-quality data on places, enabling easy, reliable access to Infutor’s comprehensive property data.

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Infutor Consumer Identity Data Now Available on AWS Data Exchange

Infutor's data assets are now available through the AWS Data Exchange on Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it easy for those using AWS to securely find and access Infutor’s privacy-compliant, deterministic third-party identity and attribute data.

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Episode 15 – Discussing the Future of Data, Marketing, and Ad Tech With Jess Simpson of Publicis Media

Delays in third-party cookie deprecation, iOS 14.5, CCPA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations have kept us on our toes. But what can we expect in the data and Ad Tech space in the next five years? Jess Simpson is the Senior Vice President of Gl...


Expert Roundup: The Rise of First-Party Data

Zora Senat, SVP Marketing and Partnerships, Infutor discusses email and the advantage of first-party data as the digital ad ecosystem continues to evolve.

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Infutor Taps Nth Party to Enhance Consumer Identity Data Match Test Capability

Encrypted, in-browser match testing of identity graph and first party data streamlines secure, self-service data overlap testing.

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Discussing Early-Stage Investing in Marketing and Media Technologies with Eric Franchi

MathCapital Partner, Eric Franchi, talks about the key ingredients to success in venture capital. He explains the process of choosing winning startups and the importance of finding highly driven founders.


Esri Joins with Infutor to Improve Geocoding Services

Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, announced that it is collaborating with Infutor Data Solutions to improve the geocoding and address matching capability available for Esri's ArcGIS World Geocoding Service in the US.

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Episode 14 – Discussing Early-Stage Investing in Marketing and Media Technologies with Eric Franchi

Early-stage venture capitalists face some difficult choices when selecting a winning startup. The market opportunity, management team, and viability of the concept are primary ingredients that influence investment decisions, but the complexity tha...


H2O LIVE: Democratizing AI with AI Apps

Infutor joins the panel at H2O Live! Tune in to learn more about's philosophy behind AI App Stores and how they are empowering the world to build their own.


Building Scalable Data Acquisition Strategies from the Co-Founder and CTO of Explorium, Mr. Omer Har

Finding the right data and integrating it into your decision-making is crucial for any enterprise to create a competitive advantage.