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Infutor and Ruf Strategic Solutions: Simply Better Together


Infutor and Ruf have entered a new life stage, joining forces to deliver the next generation of identity resolution and data-science driven solutions. Infutor is the expert in Consumer Identity Management, enabling brands to learn everything they need to know…

Infutor Named a Finalist for Chicago’s Best Places to Work

News & Events

For a second consecutive year, Infutor’s competitive benefits and perks lands them a spot on Crain’s Chicago’s Best Places to Work list.

Understanding the Data You Need to Drive Superior Results

Tip Sheets

Learn how deterministic and probabilistic data differ and which one to choose to ensure accurate, on-target and effective results.

Developing a Needs-Based Data Acquisition Strategy

Tip Sheets

Gain the knowledge you need to work with your data partner to ensure your data-driven applications operate smoothly and delivery the best possible results.

Accurately Target Known Auto Shoppers

Case Studies

Learn how Infutor enabled an automotive agency to effectively target auto consumers who are in market for a new vehicle through high-propensity data.

How to Improve Mortgage Lead Quality and Increase Loan Originations

Case Studies

Proof that Infutor’s identity graph helps mortgage lenders improve inbound lead quality, targeting capabilities and conversion rates.

Learn How Infutor’s Data Powers Top Martech Firms

Sell Sheets

Explore how Infutor’s data and technology drives the success of three marketing technology disruptors.

How Top Universities are Achieving Enrollment Goals

Sell Sheets

Learn how Infutor’s authoritative consumer and household data can help colleges and universities maximize success.

ID Max: How You Can Instantly Identify Inbound Leads

Sell Sheets

Learn how Infutor’s data-driven solution, ID Max, verifies and completes partial or missing consumer information.

Interview with Infutor’s CTO on The Sean and Thomas Show

News & Events

In this recent podcast, John Barnes talks about his journey in the industry and offers insight into life as a tech leader.

A Marketer’s Guide to Identity Resolution Platforms

News & Events

Infutor is featured in MarTech Today’s Enterprise Identity Resolution report, which highlights the leading players in the identity resolution space and offers recommended steps for evaluating a potential provider.

Looking Past the Numbers When Evaluating Data

Tip Sheets

Marketers and data science professionals will gain the knowledge needed when working with a data partner to understand the actual content, context and use of the data being evaluated.