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Episode 30 – Using CTV Measurement to Create a Better Experience and Collect Valuable Data With Tal Chalozin of Innovid

Over the last decade, there has been a significant shift from linear TV to CTV. And this transformation has allowed marketers to collect more data while providing a better user experience. But what will the future of CTV advertising look like? ...


Episode 29 – Using Data to Drive the Success of Your Business with Viva Chu of Good Boy Studios

Digital transformation is not a new concept anymore, and many organizations are embracing the digital age to connect with their audiences by incorporating the newest technologies into their business processes and jumping on board the latest trends...


The Ultimate 2022 Data Strategy Guide

Consumer behaviors that changed during the pandemic are likely here to stay, fueled by a desire for convenience. Combined with a digital ecosystem embracing consumer privacy, this is forcing companies to reevaluate priorities.

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Insurtech and The Future of the Online Insurance Consumer

Our own Kevin Dean, COO of Infutor, breaks down the value of leveraging third-party data signals and technology to better target the average insurance consumer.

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Episode 28 – Using Retail Media Ads to Optimize the User Experience With Allysun Lundy of Publicis Commerce

Retail media networks are growing in popularity, and retail giants like Amazon and Walmart are leading the way in the newest retail media trends. But how can brands leverage retail media advertising to tap into user data and optimize their camp...


Balancing Consumer Privacy and Digital Experiences with Anthony Katsur of IAB Tech Lab

Anthony Katsur, the CEO of IAB Tech Lab, points out the essence of customer consent, the future of the data industry, and the importance of balancing customer data privacy and customer experience.


Verisk’s Infutor Complete Suite of Identity Data Now Available in the Snowflake Media Data Cloud

Infutor, a Verisk business, today announced that its suite of identity data and identity resolution services are now available in Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud.

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Using Data to Improve Your Customer Experience With Ian Dewar

The Global Director of Consumer Analytics at VF Corporation, Ian Dewar, talks about the benefits of using first-party data and customer segmentation for brand growth, loyalty, data privacy, and personalization.


Episode 27 – Balancing Data Privacy with the Optimal Customer Experience with Anthony Katsur of IAB Tech Lab

The modern era and digitalization have caused many issues around user data and privacy. And although users never seem to give consent for collecting and then selling their data, why do they tend to see so many ads tailored specifically for them? ...


Jornaya + Infutor Join Forces as Verisk Marketing Solutions

Jornaya's Chief Strategy Officer, Eli Schwarz, discusses how joining Infutor and Jornaya will create expanded value for all of our customers and partners and how this is just the beginning of our next chapter as a Verisk business.

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Verisk Acquires Identity Resolution & Consumer Intelligence Leader Infutor

Verisk (Nasdaq: VRSK), a leading global data analytics provider, announced today it has acquired Infutor. Verisk plans to integrate Infutor with Jornaya, which it acquired in 2020, to form Verisk Marketing Solutions.

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A Year of Change for Consumer Identity Data

Infutor’s experts examined several key trends shaping the digital marketing industry. The resulting predictions for 2022 tell a comprehensive story of escalating scrutiny, new opportunities, and plot twists demanding consideration.