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Infutor’s ID Suite Enhanced with the Integration of Ruf Connex Clusters

News & Events

Infutor incorporates Ruf’s Connex Audience Clusters into its ID Suite to enable a single solution for real-time identity resolution and analytics-driven segmentation.

Ruf Connex Audience Clusters Added to Infutor’s ID Suite Solution

News & Events

Integrating Connex consumer behavior and lifestyle analytics to Infutor’s ID Suite helps businesses accurately identify and engage their most promising audiences.

Infutor Enhances its ID Suite with Ruf Connex Audience Clusters

News & Events

Infutor adds Ruf Strategic Solutions’ Connex Audience Clusters to its ID Suite solution, enabling marketers to identify groups of their most profitable customers and prospects.

The Lead Generator’s Guide to Identity Verification and Completion


Gain an understanding on how identity resolution processes enable businesses to reach top prospects faster and drive more conversions.

Predictions for Personalizing Customer Experiences in 2019

News & Events

Infutor’s CEO, Gary Walter, offers insight into how businesses will use identities and associated attributes in 2019 as the foundation for personalizing the customer’s journey.

Robust Auto Data Helps Live Marketing Improve Segmentation and Personalization

News & Events

Live Marketing selects Infutor to help their clients recapture and retarget in-market auto consumers on demand.

Built In Highlights How Success is Defined for Infutor’s Sales Team

News & Events

Director of Sales, Stuart Lazarus, and Account Executive, Sonny Lee, offer insight into how Infutor measures success and celebrates victories to keep its competitive edge.

Live Marketing Selects Infutor to Enhance Dealer-Focused Auto Leads Solution

News & Events

Live Marketing partners with Infutor to understand where auto shoppers are in their path to purchase and to help dealers instantly identify, engage and convert more consumers.

How to Interpret Data Evaluation Results

Tip Sheets

In part two of a three-part series, Infutor provides benchmarks and guidelines to help you better understand the results you receive from a data evaluation.

Infutor Named to Top 20 Best Paying Places to Work By Built In Chicago

News & Events

Robust benefits and a commitment to culture and work-life balance places Infutor on Built In Chicago’s 2019 list of Best Companies.

Built In Recognizes Infutor on 50 Best Small Companies to Work for List

News & Events

Offering its employees with robust benefits and perks lands Infutor on Built In’s 50 Best Small Companies to Work for List.

Infutor Named a Top 100 Company to Work for in Chicago

News & Events

Ranked on employee benefits offered and compensation, Infutor is recognized as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Chicago.