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Episode 10 – Discussing the World of Data Without Third-Party Cookies With Nick Jordan of Narrative I/O

It's the end of the third-party cookie as we know it. Undoubtedly, Google is priming new strategies including the launch of FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). But what is FLoC exactly, and how does it stack up to third-party cookies? Today's gu...


Infutor Joins Unified ID 2.0 to Collaborate on Open-Source Alternative to Third-Party Cookies

Infutor has joined the Unified ID 2.0 initiative founded by The Trade Desk. As the use of third-party cookies for advertising tracking is being phased out, Unified ID 2.0 serves as a consumer friendly and universal identity upgrade.

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Taking Action on the Future of Digital Targeting

Learn how brands and 3rd party data providers are contributing to the conversation around cookie and mobile ad ID deprecation.


Infutor Data Quality Flies High in Truthset’s Independent Assessment

Infutor's Total Consumer Insights, a robust third-party dataset with privacy-compliant behavioral and household attributes, scored among top providers in a Q1 2021 Data Quality Truthscore Report of consumer data quality by Truthset.

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Maximize the Customer Experience

Infutor's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships, Zora Senat, and Safegraph's Vice President of New Projects, Ross Epstein, discuss how first-party and third-party data can be combined to increase customer engagement.


Infutor Joins the Karlsgate Identity Exchange to Offer Secure Data Enhancement Services

Karlsgate, a secure data collaboration company, announced the full suite of Infutor’s industry leading consumer identity management solutions is now accessible via Karlsgate Identity Exchange.

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A Conversation on Unified ID 2.0 and Cookies with Bill Michels of The Trade Desk

Discussing The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) initiative as its being rolled out ahead of the phase-out of third-party cookies with Bill Michels.


Infutor Scales its Consumer Insight Capabilities

In the latest contribution to solving the consumer identity puzzle, Infutor's new product Total Consumer Insights matches hundreds of signals to first-party data-based profiles.

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Infutor Introduces Total Consumer Insights to Help Brands Better Understand Their Customers

Consumer identity management expert Infutor introduced Total Consumer Insights, a third party dataset that provides privacy-compliant behavioral and household attributes on 266 million US consumers across 120 million households.

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Infutor, One of this Month’s Featured Chicago Tech Companies

Infutor was one of Builtin Chicago's highlighted organizations this month, focusing on tech companies celebrating growth and pacing full steam ahead.

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Episode 9 – Introduction to UID 2.0: A Unique Tech Solution to Replace Third-Party Cookies with Bill ...

Data is an essential factor in decision-making. Companies leverage third-party software to access vital information and use them to improve their business practices. But what about identity? How do companies understand its role? Bill Michels, a...


Building an External Data Platform for Sustained Data-Driven Success

To enhance the breadth and quality of data available in their first-of-its-kind external data platform, Explorium partnered with consumer identity management expert Infutor Data Solutions.

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