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First-Party Data Will Prove Most Important for Marketers in 2021

With the tumultuous changes in the marketing and advertising industry that 2020 brought, CEO Gary Walter discusses what Infutor sees as the focus for 2021.

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Building a More Robust Digital Identity Solution

Enterprise data streaming company Narrative partnered with Infutor to be sure they’re providing clients with the most robust data assets.

Case Studies

Infutor Property Data Enables Urban Institute’s Research on Disaster-Related Household Mobility

Urban Institute utilizes Infutor data to track household mobility in disaster-affected areas against non-movers to develop a comparison group of non-affected areas.

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Placekey Now Available for Snowflake

Zora Senat, VP of Partnerships at Infutor, discusses the value that the consumer identity management experts see with the integration of Placekey and Snowflake.

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Episode 4 –
Kendall Peters of the Minnesota Vikings Discusses Teamwork in the Analytics Space

How come a basketball player became a part of a football team? If players compete on the field, does that mean they are competing off the field too? Kendall Peters answers these questions. Once a basketball player, and today the manager of sales, analyt...


Fast-Tracking the Data Onboarding Process

Learn how Infutor is leveraging Placekey and Snowflake to extend data interoperability in order to resolve disparate address information into the same entity.


Episode 3 –
Using Data to Understand User Behaviors and Target Customers Differently With Dennis Hecht of F...

It’s safe to say that the agriculture industry is getting more and more innovative thanks to data analytics experts like Dennis Hecht. As the Vice President of Business Intelligence at Farm Journal Media, the nation’s recognized leader in agriculture con...


Wallace Finance Selects Infutor Consumer Identity Data to Boost Digital Marketing

Wallace Finance has selected Infutor’s consumer identity data to improve consumer identification and extend their digital reach.

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2021 Privacy and Omnichannel Marketing Handbook

Infutor's handbook goes over everything brands need to know about privacy and omnichannel marketing to ensure they're prepared in 2021.


Episode 2 –
Using AI to Predict Consumer Behavior in an Ethical Way With Andy Rossmeissl of Faraday

It didn't take long for Andy Rossmeissl to realize AI’s potential for predicting most consumer decisions. As the co-founder and CEO of Faraday, an end-to-end AI platform that transforms customer data into actionable predictive insights, Andy's AI softwar...


Why Identity is Key to Picking Up Pieces When Cookies Crumble

Zora Senat, VP of Partnerships at Infutor, and Kim Davis, Editorial Director at MarTech Today discuss why identity is a marketer's best tool in picking up the pieces when cookies crumble.


Infutor Data Helps Bridg Further Enable Consumer Identification

Infutor's data will enhance the Bridg platform in helping brands identify, understand and engage unknown in-store customers.

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