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Bridg Partners with Infutor to Extend Digital Reach

With data from Infutor’s digital solutions suite, Bridg will improve on its already market leading identity resolution capabilities.

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Bridg Adds Infutor Consumer Identity Data to its Enterprise Brick-and-Mortar-Focused Platform

Bridg, the first Customer Data Platform purpose-built for enterprise brick-and-mortar brands and CPGs, has selected Infutor’s digital consumer identity data to improve consumer identification and extend digital reach.

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An Analytics Pro's 2021 Guide to Managing an Identity Graph

How analytics professionals can manage an identity graph to ensure that the their data is ingested, cleansed and linked for a foundation that their marketers can rely on to identify consumers across platforms.


Data Trends for 2021: Overcoming Digital Ad Uncertainty

Infutor COO Kevin Dean discusses the trends marketers must focus on in order to survive and thrive heading into 2021.

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Episode 1 –
Using Data To Increase Innovation In a Century-Old Industry With Xavier Riley of Standard Indus...

On any given day, you can probably find Xavier Riley tinkering with the data. As the Head of Digital Strategies and Innovation at Standard Industries, the world’s largest waterproofing and roofing company, Xavier commands the company’s data bank — its ce...


Partnering with Infutor for Powerful Consumer Data

To help their brand clients further extend audience reach with authoritative data in their BIGtoken platform, digital marketing and consumer data management technology company SRAX partnered with Infutor.

Case Studies

Pursuit of the 360-Degree Customer View: Evaluating CDPs, Identity Graphs & CRMs

Infutor's Zora Senat and Willow Data Strategy's Stephen Yu discuss why it's important for marketers to understand the difference between “clean” data and “dirty” data, as well as how the available data tools vary.


Your 2021 Guide to Managing an Identity Graph

Infutor's ultimate guide to managing an identity graph explores what an identity graph is, how it creates value, and why it’s essential for every marketer.


Extending Digital Reach with the Help of Infutor

Learn how BDEX partnered with Infutor to utilize their Total Mobile Ad IDs solution because the need for mobile-focused ways to identify customers at the device level in a privacy-compliant manner is rising.

Case Studies

H2R Market Research, Infutor Partner to Power Research for Post-Covid Marketing Strategy

H2R Market Research, a premier marketing research firm, selects Infutor to help enable end-to-end market analysis for industries adapting to the current and post-covid marketing landscape.

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Personalization vs. Privacy: Finding Balance Amid a Perceived Tug of War

Infutor Data Solutions and Amperity discuss what digital marketers must do to survive and thrive—all while continually improving customer experience—in a rapidly changing landscape.


Customer Authentication, Identity Resolution, and Voice Biometrics

Infutor VP of Customer Engagement Elizabeth Morris dives into how top brands are resolving identity and personalizing engagements during key moments.