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Episode 7 – Uncovering Permission-Based Marketing with Brian Garofola, CTO of Vibes

How is mobile marketing evolving as more modern platforms push SMS? Brian Garofola, the CTO of Vibes, talks about the types of communication that can help you stand out in a crowd. This native New Yorker, living in Chicago now, gives us insigh...

Podcast Activates Infutor Consumer Identity Data On its Lead Distribution Platform

Software company activated Infutor’s ID Max consumer identity data on its platform to help the company's lead generation, digital marketing and publisher clients better score and route their leads.

Partners  –  Press Releases

SafeGraph CEO, LiveRamp Co-Founder on How Data Can Become a Marketing Superpower

Serial founder and SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman talks about the benefits of more and better marketing tools.


Infutor’s Historical Property, Real Estate Data Aids Stanford Research

Stanford economist Rebecca Diamond’s study using Infutor’s historical and property data sheds light on impacts of home foreclosures on economic well-being.


Episode 6 – Exploring the MarTech, AdTech Data Ecosystem with Auren Hoffman of SafeGraph

Data has to be accurate. But what is more important - accuracy or the breadth of data? Even though it is hard to deal with changes in data, its relevance is crucial. In marketing, however, the breadth of the data is more important than its accurac...


Identity Revolution: HubSpot’s Scott Brinker Talks MarTech Trends, Industry Predictions

MarTech veteran and HubSpot VP Scott Brinker joins Infutor to discuss why more software options is good and why he’s excited about the no-code movement.


Four ‘Cs’ You Need to Achieve True Data Quality

In this data quality tip sheet, Infutor examines the most pressing challenges that marketers in every industry face each day, and how they can be overcome.

Tip Sheets

Driving Tourism with Visitor Intelligence

Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau turned to Infutor to help understand what their ideal visitor looked like to better target high propensity prospects.

Case Studies

Episode 5 – Discussing the MarTech Revolution With Scott Brinker of HubSpot

Why is the overall MarTech ecosystem important for business and marketing? What does the future of ‘no-code’ hold? And can ad agencies develop their own in-house software? Who better than Scott Brinker (the mastermind behind the Marketing Technolo...


Data Law, Security Experts Discuss Omnichannel, Privacy in 2021

Infutor's CISO, Len Lombardo, and ZwillGen Ken Dreifach, discuss how brands, martech providers, publishers, and advertisers can navigate the evolving omnichannel marketing and privacy landscape, including the legal considerations.


Failing Fast and Going Back to Square One

To help organizations prepare for the new year, Infutor put together a guide to share which topics they expect to be trending in the data world in 2021.

Tip Sheets

Consumer, Residential Data Drives Economic Research

Leveraging Infutor’s historical residential data, Upjohn constructed a sequence of previous addresses to study housing migration trends.

Case Studies