Discussing Early-Stage Investing in Marketing and Media Technologies with Eric Franchi

MathCapital Partner, Eric Franchi, talks about the key ingredients to success in venture capital. He explains the process of choosing winning startups and the importance of finding highly driven founders.


Building Scalable Data Acquisition Strategies from the Co-Founder and CTO of Explorium, Mr. Omer Har

Finding the right data and integrating it into your decision-making is crucial for any enterprise to create a competitive advantage.


A New Lens on Maximizing Ad Sales

Affinio and Infutor partnered up to showcase how Streaming Providers, or any Media & Entertainment ‘publisher’, can highlight the nuances of its viewership for ad revenue purposes.


Bringing Creativity to Subscriber Acquisition

With privacy regulations and the cookieless world, brands need new ways to acquire customers. Affinio and Infutor partnered to showcase how Streaming Providers, or any Media & Entertainment ‘publisher’, can bring immediate color to third-party data.


How The Post-Third-Party Cookie Era Will Look For the Tech Industry With Nick Jordan

The Founder of data streaming platform Narrative I/O, Nick Jordan, discusses the future of data privacy, the post-cookie world and his views on the potential shift of the tech landscape.


A Conversation on Unified ID 2.0 and Cookies with Bill Michels of The Trade Desk

Discussing The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) initiative as its being rolled out ahead of the phase-out of third-party cookies with Bill Michels.


SafeGraph CEO, LiveRamp Co-Founder on How Data Can Become a Marketing Superpower

Serial founder and SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman talks about the benefits of more and better marketing tools.


Infutor’s Historical Property, Real Estate Data Aids Stanford Research

Stanford economist Rebecca Diamond’s study using Infutor’s historical and property data sheds light on impacts of home foreclosures on economic well-being.


Identity Revolution: HubSpot’s Scott Brinker Talks MarTech Trends, Industry Predictions

MarTech veteran and HubSpot VP Scott Brinker joins Infutor to discuss why more software options is good and why he’s excited about the no-code movement.


Identity Revolution: How the Minnesota Vikings Reach Consumers Even With an Empty Stadium

Peters explains how COVID changed the way the Vikings brand interacts with consumers, how they collaborate with other sports teams, and how they use data to figure out what kind of fan you are and how to serve you better.


A Deeper Dive: How Smart Brands Get the Most from Data

How smart brands get the most from 1st-, 3rd-party data. Infutor and Amperity answer questions on how consumer data can be leveraged to better connect with customers.

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Infutor Honored with Growth and Employer Awards

Recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies and as an Employer of Choice by Crain’s Chicago Business, Infutor Celebrates Strong Employer Culture and Momentum.

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