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This is Why Our Clients Trust Us

See why Infutor's clients love working with us and how we can do the same for your organization.

Sell Sheets

Home Professionals

Using Infutor's ID Max solution, Home Professionals has seen a 214% increase in completed form submissions and has been able to provide higher quality, relevant lead information to their service professionals.

Case Studies

MQ&C Advertising

Learn how MQ&C Advertising strengthened their consumer identity data and saw a 20 percent lift in conversion rates by partnering with Infutor.

Case Studies

Taking Data for a Spin

In part one of a three-part data evaluation series, Infutor shares guidelines that will help you perform a successful data evaluation when choosing a provider for your business.

Tip Sheets

How Data and Analytics Can Drive Growth

Infutor's Asif Ahmed and Mark Janz discuss how to leverage data to drive analytics-based decisioning and whether to implement a data science practice internally or choose a partner.


Why Validation is Key to Successful Email Marketing

Email remains a core part of the marketing mix. With brands sending more email than ever, relying on the channel to develop and maintain relationships as well as drive sales, it’s critical to maintain a strong sender reputation.


Millennials: Verifying the Underbanked Generation

Exploring the potential challenges professionals face when verifying Millennials and how to solve them.


Make Your Marketing Spend Work Harder

Infutor's CMO Dave Dague and Principal Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo discuss using consumer identity and profile management to create consistent consumer engagements for better marketing performance.


Breaking Down Data Silos

Persistent identification across all channels is key to omnichannel success. With the ever-growing number of ways to engage, it's a challenge for brands to identify customers, including when and where they were acquired.


Data Appending 101 and 16 Questions to Ask Your Data Provider

Learn what you need to know about data appending, taking the information you have and turning it into so much more, and key questions to ask your data provider.


Achieving Identity Resolution

Jim Caccia and Cory Davis address the most important decisions you need to make to manage a successful Identity Graph.


Succeeding with AI, Your Foundation Must Be Anything but Artificial

The big thing in marketing still needs accurate identity data. Artificial Intelligence – AI – is everywhere because it significantly advances the potential of automated marketing.