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The Reported Death of Email Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Learn how marketers complete and enhance consumer records with emails to scale campaigns and improve overall business strategies.


You probably didn't know this residential data existed

Infutor's new whitepaper presents five powerful use cases on how historical residential data drives growth for B2C Enterprises.


Giving credit where credits due

Learn how creating a solid foundation of consumer identity data can result in more effective targeting to those most likely to convert.

Tip Sheets

Omnichannel Capabilities to Improve Customer Experiences

Infutor discusses the core capabilities marketers need to enable the ideal customer journey across all channels.


4 Ways Mortgage Originators Can Quickly Reach Their Best Prospects

Infutor’s eBook reveals how mortgage originators can gain an edge and enhance the quality of their leads by teaming with a data partner.


5 Keys to More Precise Consumer Modeling

Infutor’s latest tip sheet reveals key insights into how a third-party data provider can help your business master the art of data science.

Tip Sheets

How Consumer Identity Data Breakage is Costing Your Business

Discover the causes of data breakage and how minimizing the effects can maximize your marketing returns.


Understand How Data Breakage Costs Your Business

Uncover the negative effects data breakage has on your business and how to address those issues to boost your marketing results.


Stanford University Taps Infutor's Identity Graph for Rent Control Research

Explore how Stanford University used Infutor's identity graph to understand the effects of rent control expansion in San Francisco.

Case Studies

The Newest Privacy and Compliance Guide for Omnichannel Marketers

Our latest whitepaper uncovers the importance of protecting consumer identity information in an omnichannel universe.


How to Effectively Reach Auto Consumers the Moment They are In Market

Infutor's newest infographic provides insight into how the automotive industry is trending and what you can do to influence the buying decision.


The Identity Crisis that Inhibits Marketing Qualification and Personalization

Our latest whitepaper explores the five common problems that contribute to your brand's identity crisis and the solutions.