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Take Customer Purchase Journeys to the Strategic Level

Explore how Customer Life Journeys can impact your marketing ROI and how to successfully implement them into your marketing program.


How Artificial Intelligence is Powering Marketing

Infutor CTO, John Barnes, and the DMA team up to discuss the future of artificial intelligence and the impact it has on marketing programs.


A Solution to Marketing's Forced Choice Between Scale and Accuracy

Explore the top three challenges marketers face when trying to achieve balance between scale and accuracy in an omnichannel world.


4 Key Questions You Need To Ask Your Prospective Third Party Data Provider

Download our whitepaper to learn more about data quality, governance, security and privacy when speaking to your prospective data provider.


Six Ways Consumer Identity Management Drives Marketing Success

Infutor's new whitepaper explores how consumer identity management can make a powerful impact on three core areas of your enterprise.


Consumer Identity Management

Download our whitepaper to learn the benefits of linking siloed data together, regardless of whether you have a master repository or not.


Why Identity Validation is Key to a Successful Email Marketing Program

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how clean, deliverable email addresses are key to a successful marketing program.


National Fraud Risk Mitigation Leader

A national leader in the prevention of consumer fraud creates critical risk-based business applications for fraud and risk mitigation.

Case Studies

The Importance of TCPA Compliance for Retail

One of the nation's largest department stores needs a TCPA compliance solution provider for large-scale risk mitigation.

Case Studies

Improve Call Center Conversion Rates Using Inbound Call Segmentation

A national marketer integrates their patented process with Infutor's data and real-time platform to significantly improve call conversions.

Case Studies

Proof that Incorporating Data Hygiene Best Practices Improves Marketing Results

A national database management agency needs to significantly improve data quality for their multi-million dollar health insurance client.

Case Studies

Information and Technology Leader

A national leader in information and technology provides address, property, and consumer data solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

Case Studies