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Infutor Honored with Growth and Employer Awards

Recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies and as an Employer of Choice by Crain’s Chicago Business, Infutor Celebrates Strong Employer Culture and Momentum.

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Infutor Home Equity Value – Your Key to Reaching the Best Prospective Borrowers with the Right Message

The game has changed for lenders in 2020. Low interest rates, high unemployment causing a spike in homeowners looking for equity lines of credit. How do you find them in this evolving landscape?


Activation and Attribution: Identity is a CDP’s Link to Becoming the Complete Solution

Activation and attribution are the final steps to becoming a brand’s ideal CDP. We show you how identity is key to achieving both for your platform.


ROI Calculator – CRM FreshLink

How much is data breakage costing your organization? With a few quick questions, see the value that an updated CRM will have on your business.


How to Maximize the Value & Reach of First Party Data

Dylan Purse, Director of Product Management at Infutor, and Rob Ristagno, CEO at Sterling Woods Group discuss the keys to maximizing your first-party data.


Identity and Intelligence:
The Smart Way to Separate Your CDP from the Pack

In Part 2 of our series, we show you what to look for in consumer intelligence, where to get it and what your CDP will be able to provide its clients with the right intelligence.


Identity Resolution
Readiness Assessment

How do you know if your organization is ready to pursue identity resolution? Take this short quiz to see how you stack up!


A Complete Guide to Adding Value

To help navigate the consumer identity data landscape, Infutor put together a list of everything you should look for in the provider as well as the consumer data they’re providing.

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Identity: The Constant During the CDP Evolution

To keep pace with competition, your CDP must unlock the power of brands’ first-party data and deliver the third-party consumer data that fills in the gaps.


Identity in a Post-Cookie World

Listen to Infutor’s Chief Technology Officer, John Barnes, and Vice President of Product, Brian Burke, as they discuss the value of acquiring and blending offline insights with digital identities to help drive omnichannel success.


Five Things to Look for in a Data Analytics Partner

With data being the fuel that helps analytics teams anticipate consumer behaviors, Infutor discusses what to look for in a third-party data provider to ensure brands are making the best decision for their data science initiatives.

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Consumer Identity Data: Your Universal Solution

Your best customers buy more products and buy them more often. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you overcome the most common challenges in finding and converting more of them.