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Bringing Creativity to Subscriber Acquisition

With privacy regulations and the cookieless world, brands need new ways to acquire customers. Affinio and Infutor partnered to showcase how Streaming Providers, or any Media & Entertainment ‘publisher’, can bring immediate color to third-party data.


How The Post-Third-Party Cookie Era Will Look For the Tech Industry With Nick Jordan

The Founder of data streaming platform Narrative I/O, Nick Jordan, discusses the future of data privacy, the post-cookie world and his views on the potential shift of the tech landscape.


Taking Action on the Future of Digital Targeting

Learn how brands and 3rd party data providers are contributing to the conversation around cookie and mobile ad ID deprecation.


Maximize the Customer Experience

Infutor's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships, Zora Senat, and Safegraph's Vice President of New Projects, Ross Epstein, discuss how first-party and third-party data can be combined to increase customer engagement.


A Conversation on Unified ID 2.0 and Cookies with Bill Michels of The Trade Desk

Discussing The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) initiative as its being rolled out ahead of the phase-out of third-party cookies with Bill Michels.


Building an External Data Platform for Sustained Data-Driven Success

To enhance the breadth and quality of data available in their first-of-its-kind external data platform, Explorium partnered with consumer identity management expert Infutor Data Solutions.

Case Studies

Webinar: How Advanced Insights Drive Personalization and Analytics

There’s a common denominator for brands, martech/adtech providers and data resellers of all sizes: the need for rich and unique demographic, behavioral and household data. But with the right consumer data, any organization will be in a position to...


SafeGraph CEO, LiveRamp Co-Founder on How Data Can Become a Marketing Superpower

Serial founder and SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman talks about the benefits of more and better marketing tools.


Infutor’s Historical Property, Real Estate Data Aids Stanford Research

Stanford economist Rebecca Diamond’s study using Infutor’s historical and property data sheds light on impacts of home foreclosures on economic well-being.


Identity Revolution: HubSpot’s Scott Brinker Talks MarTech Trends, Industry Predictions

MarTech veteran and HubSpot VP Scott Brinker joins Infutor to discuss why more software options is good and why he’s excited about the no-code movement.


Four ‘Cs’ You Need to Achieve True Data Quality

In this data quality tip sheet, Infutor examines the most pressing challenges that marketers in every industry face each day, and how they can be overcome.

Tip Sheets

Driving Tourism with Visitor Intelligence

Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau turned to Infutor to help understand what their ideal visitor looked like to better target high propensity prospects.

Case Studies