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Data Law, Security Experts Discuss Omnichannel, Privacy in 2021

Infutor's CISO, Len Lombardo, and ZwillGen Ken Dreifach, discuss how brands, martech providers, publishers, and advertisers can navigate the evolving omnichannel marketing and privacy landscape, including the legal considerations.


Failing Fast and Going Back to Square One

To help organizations prepare for the new year, Infutor put together a guide to share which topics they expect to be trending in the data world in 2021.

Tip Sheets

Consumer, Residential Data Drives Economic Research

Leveraging Infutor’s historical residential data, Upjohn constructed a sequence of previous addresses to study housing migration trends.

Case Studies

Identity Revolution: How the Minnesota Vikings Reach Consumers Even With an Empty Stadium

Peters explains how COVID changed the way the Vikings brand interacts with consumers, how they collaborate with other sports teams, and how they use data to figure out what kind of fan you are and how to serve you better.


Building a More Robust Digital Identity Solution

Enterprise data streaming company Narrative partnered with Infutor to be sure they’re providing clients with the most robust data assets.

Case Studies

2021 Privacy and Omnichannel Marketing Handbook

Infutor's handbook goes over everything brands need to know about privacy and omnichannel marketing to ensure they're prepared in 2021.


Why Identity is Key to Picking Up Pieces When Cookies Crumble

Zora Senat, VP of Partnerships at Infutor, and Kim Davis, Editorial Director at MarTech Today discuss why identity is a marketer's best tool in picking up the pieces when cookies crumble.


An Analytics Pro's 2021 Guide to Managing an Identity Graph

How analytics professionals can manage an identity graph to ensure that the their data is ingested, cleansed and linked for a foundation that their marketers can rely on to identify consumers across platforms.


Partnering with Infutor for Powerful Consumer Data

To help their brand clients further extend audience reach with authoritative data in their BIGtoken platform, digital marketing and consumer data management technology company SRAX partnered with Infutor.

Case Studies

Pursuit of the 360-Degree Customer View: Evaluating CDPs, Identity Graphs & CRMs

Infutor's Zora Senat and Willow Data Strategy's Stephen Yu discuss why it's important for marketers to understand the difference between “clean” data and “dirty” data, as well as how the available data tools vary.


Your 2021 Guide to Managing an Identity Graph

Infutor's ultimate guide to managing an identity graph explores what an identity graph is, how it creates value, and why it’s essential for every marketer.


Extending Digital Reach with the Help of Infutor

Learn how BDEX partnered with Infutor to utilize their Total Mobile Ad IDs solution because the need for mobile-focused ways to identify customers at the device level in a privacy-compliant manner is rising.

Case Studies