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Customer Authentication, Identity Resolution, and Voice Biometrics

Infutor VP of Customer Engagement Elizabeth Morris dives into how top brands are resolving identity and personalizing engagements during key moments.


Notre Dame Researchers Turn to Infutor

To support one of its recent major projects, the team at the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) research center turned to the experts at Infutor Data Solutions.

Case Studies

Don’t Track Me Bro’: The Future of Identity Graphing

Infutor VP of Product Brian Burke joins a panel of experts in this KNOW Identity session to discuss how identity graph providers and their clients are adjusting to an uncertain landscape in the face of both regulatory and technological headwinds.


Looking Toward 2021: The Future of Identity and Marketing Data

At Carpe Data's ADARA virtual conference, Infutor COO Kevin Dean offered insights into what data and identity experts in the travel and tourism industry are implementing to ensure long-term success.


The Future of Identity and Marketing Data

Infutor’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Dean, offers insights into what data and identity experts are implementing to ensure long-term success.


Finding Fun for Every Generation

Infutor analyzed combined customer databases of Skirmish Paintball and Pocono Whitewater and identified the makeup of their most profitable customers that convert at a rate of 5X higher than their average visitor.

Case Studies

See the Real Cost of Data Breakage in Your CRM

Determining the cost of broken data is complicated, which is why Infutor put together an illustrated guide of our proprietary CRM calculator to show just how costly poor data quality can be.


Identity: The Heart of Success for Analytics Pros

With technological advances and changes in consumer behavior, analytics pros are leveraging identity as the new secret weapon to maximize and measure ROI.

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A Deeper Dive:
How Smart Brands Get the Most from Data

How smart brands get the most from 1st-, 3rd-party data. Infutor and Amperity answer questions on how consumer data can be leveraged to better connect with customers.

Articles  –  Interviews

Identity: The Heart of Marketing Success

Infutor COO Kevin Dean discusses why consumer identity continues to be one of the most valuable tools for marketers in order to maximize and measure their ROI.

Tip Sheets

The Ultimate 2021 Data Strategy Guide

Infutor put together a guide for what data and analytics pros should be focusing on ahead of budget season after a transformative year.

Tip Sheets

How to Track Down High Potential Clients in a Mountain of Data

Infutor VP of Marketing, Michelle Tilton, and WealthEngine EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Raj Khera answer questions on leveraging your customers’ data and third-party tracking.