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CRM Overview

How many total contacts do you currently have in your CRM systemTotal CRM System File Quantity

Roughly how good do you think your data quality is - from 0 being very poor to 10 that it couldn't be any betterCurrent Level of Data Quality
(from 0 - 10)

Lifetime Value

What is the average amount that any one customer gives to your company over the course of their lifetime being your customerAverage Lifetime Value per Customer


How long does a person remain a customer on average before they no longer use your servicesAverage Lifecycle in Years

Estimated percentage of how much value you think you've already attained from your CRM contacts. This is maxed at 80% to account for CRM growth.Assumed Value Attained from
Current CRM (%)

Marketing Budget

Annual budget spent on marketing in digital channels such as programmatic ads or social mediaDigital / Social Media Budget


Annual budget spent on email marketing including platform costs and personelEmail Marketing Budget


Annual budget spent on outbound phone marketingPhone Messaging Budget


Annual budget spent on direct mailers or inserts in pieces that are mailed to a consumers homeDirect Mail Budget



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