Giving credit where credits due

Understanding How Identity Data Improves Marketing Attribution

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Creating an omnichannel experience for consumers is a top priority for businesses, but implementing a multi-channel strategy doesn’t come without its challenges. Understanding where you are getting the biggest bang for your buck has become increasingly more difficult as consumers interact with marketing campaigns from a variety of different touch points. This has made marketing attribution elusive for today’s marketers.

Your best option for accurate marketing attribution is to create a solid foundation of consumer identity data by linking multiple identity elements, such as phone number, email address and mobile identities back to one consumer profile. The more you know about your core audience, the better you can target those most likely to convert.

Our latest tip sheet, “Giving Credit Where It’s Due — How Identity Data Improves Marketing Attribution” provides three sample scenarios on how consumer identity information can vastly improve your marketing attribution efforts.

Giving credit where its due tip sheet

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