Identity Crisis Adds to Attribution Challenges
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Ad Measurement & Revenue Attribution

How to confront today's challenges, including ATT and the deprecation of the third-party cookie

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Infutor’s Kevin Dean Talks Confronting Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

Major changes are coming to how advertisers and others in the ecosystem can identify users across channels and devices. The loss of third-party cookies and changes to Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) will affect ad addressability, but also measurement and attribution. Advertisers are taking steps in response, including more emphasis on first-party data, data collaborations, and modeling-based approaches.

Infutor’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Dean, joins eMarketer’s principal analyst at Insider Intelligence, Nicole Perrin, as she discusses:

Ad Measurement and Revenue Attribution

Access our free webinar recording to learn how advertisers are changing course with third-party cookie deprecation on the horizon.

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