The Ultimate 2022 Data Strategy Guide

What You Need to Know to Stay Ahead During a Time of Rapid Change

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The World of Consumer Identity Data Continues to Change

More than two years after the pandemic reached the US, brands, marketers and analytics professionals in nearly every industry are still navigating its impact.

Consumer shopping and buying behaviors that changed in the pandemic’s earliest days are likely here to stay, fueled by a desire for convenience on par with the work-from-home lifestyle. This evolution, combined with a digital ecosystem that continues moving away from third-party tracking to ensure consumer privacy, is forcing companies to reevaluate priorities.

Amid all this chaos and change, leading brands and marketers are redoubling efforts to make smart, data-driven decisions. They know full well that data must inform each engagement to increase sales and boost retention. And they need to put the consumer’s preference for privacy and personalization at the forefront while navigating more regulations, channels, walled gardens, identifiers, and consumer concerns.

So, what do marketers need to do to ensure success in 2022?

Infutor put together this guide of what we can learn from surviving 2021 and what strategies to apply to thrive in the next year and beyond.

Learn strategies to apply to thrive in the next year and beyond

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