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The Division of Segmentation

Customer and Consumer: Bridging the Segmentation Gap with Third-Party Data

Featuring research from Forrester

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Segmentation strategy can be a confusing and sometimes divisive topic for digital marketers

The two primary methods of segmentation — customer and consumer — are similarly named, but there are very different use cases for each.

However, the seemingly wide gap between these two segmentation strategies can be bridged. Third-party data providers, such as Infutor, provide tools that digital marketers can leverage to link customer data and external consumer data. By doing so, segments can be utilized at the market level as well as individual customer level.

A recent Forrester report with a special introduction by Infutor offers an in-depth explanation of the differences between the two types of segmentation and the different approaches that Customer Insights pros can take to maximize the impact.

The report also uncovers the next frontier for digital marketers beyond segmentation.

Research From:

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Forrester segmentation whitepaper

Download this report and learn how to help maximize the impact of your segmentation efforts

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