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Target Auto Owners at the Critical Decision Time

The core of auto marketing success is staying top of mind until a consumer is in-market and ready to engage with your brand. As the average number of dealership visits continues to decline (down from 5 to just 1.8 visits prior to purchase), the majority of consumers are completing their research online before stepping foot inside your dealership.

How can you engage these consumers during
this critical decision making process?

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Our auto marketing data enables you to:

  • Target known auto owners by VIN, make, model, and year through multiple channels including email, digital, social and direct marketing campaigns
  • Complete the identity of inbound leads, including all known identity, demographic and auto ownership information from a single inbound identifier (such as phone, email, name or address)
  • Build powerful personas and profiles of high value consumers to create elite, high-touch prospect segments
  • Update and maintain DMS data to improve loyalty auto marketing, retention, and cross-sell programs

Infutor’s Total Auto Profiles enable you to improve the value of your omnichannel auto marketing and conquest campaigns by targeting known vehicle owners with the right message at the optimal time

Auto marketing data overview:

  • Infutor’s auto owners data includes more than 180 million records of vehicle owners, verified by at least two sources for maximum accuracy
  • Auto data is matched to Infutor’s Identity Graph for validation and verification identity data. A Persistent ID, Household ID, and demographic data are added to each record to enable precision targeting
  • Our profiles are built from hundreds of transactional data sources including sales and service data, automobile warranty data sources, aftermarket repair / maintenance facilities, auto warranty notification, scheduled maintenance records

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Key Automotive Data Elements:

Vehicle Identity

  • Auto make
  • Model
  • Year
  • VIN
  • First seen date
  • Last seen date

Auto Owners Identity

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email

Vehicle Attributes

  • Vehicle class code
    (crossover, SUV, full size, mid-size, small)
  • Fuel code
    (gas, flex, hybrid)
  • Manufacturer code
    (antique, high end import)
  • Style
    (sport, pickup, utility, sedan)
  • Mileage

Consumer Attributes

  • Gender
  • Household income
  • Children
  • Homeownership
  • Home value
  • Length of residence
  • Number of vehicles per HH

Learn more about how Infutor’s Total Auto Profiles drive omnichannel targeting, inbound identity completion and auto marketing analytics

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